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  • Foodie on Duty: Move Over Ice Cream, Hello Creme Ice! Read more >

    Foodie on Duty: Move Over Ice Cream, Hello Creme Ice!

    As the first day of summer is creeping up on the horizon, tank tops, shorts, and sunglasses are already populating the streets where ice cream trucks and Italian ice carts roll back into business. You drag your feet up to the nearest Mr. Softee in search of a cold treat, but realize that you’re just […] Read More >

  • Word on the Street… Read more >

    Word on the Street…

    Should Barack choose Hillary as vice president? (1) Yeah. Hillary should be vice president. It’s the only way he’ll win. Hillary has more people. I was for Hillary. – Juan Nevarez, Williamsburg (2) Yes. I think he needs to make peace with the Clinton group. – Jess Osserman, Bed-Stuy I just like Hillary. – Erin […] Read More >

  • Smokers Go Broke Read more >

    Smokers Go Broke

    Starting last Tuesday, smokers have a new expense to worry about beside the rising price of bread and milk. A new $1.25 was added by lawmakers in Albany, driving cigarette prices up past $8 per pack. The new tax, which gives New York the double-edged distinction of having the highest cigarette tax in the country, […] Read More >

  • Feeling The Heat Creep In?  Get a Hair Cut! Read more >

    Feeling The Heat Creep In? Get a Hair Cut!

    Once the summer sun begins its official residency here in NYC, it seems the heat finds its favorite places to congregate on one’s body. For some, it may be the cracks between their elbows and knees, to others, the ridge of their nose where their glasses rest. For me, it’s my head, and all those […] Read More >

  • Park Mom’s “McCarren Park Live” Read more >

    Park Mom’s “McCarren Park Live”

    Tuesday’s early afternoon performance by Assembly Ensemble jump started the Park Moms’ “McCarren Park Live” series, a slew of outdoor performances by the Park House that feature local musicians and encourage little ones from the community to kick off their sandals and move their feet. About one hundred preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders from local […] Read More >

  • The Diocese isn’t Just Closing its Doors… Read more >

    The Diocese isn’t Just Closing its Doors…

    Pat McDonnell still remembers her eighth grade prom at St. Cecilia’s back in 1973. “They took us upstairs to the long room, and they gave us each a dance partner. Then they taught us the cha cha. The dance was right here, in the gym,” she said, motioning to the long auditorium now lined with […] Read More >

  • TransGas No More Read more >

    TransGas No More

    On March 20, proposed plans for a TransGas Energy (TGE) Power Plant on the Brooklyn’s waterfront were laid to rest, thanks to the New York State Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment (Siting Board). The site lies north of the East Williamsburg State Park, along Bushwick Inlet at bordered by North 12th and […] Read More >

  • Memorializing Industrial Brooklyn Read more >

    Memorializing Industrial Brooklyn

    Dreary and solemn, the Red Hook Sugar Refinery stood empty and alone, against the gray-streaked skies of Brooklyn. Nearby, graffiti covered a dark wall against that same sky. These aren’t photographs. Rather, these structures, which are most likely soon to be destroyed and replaced by luxury apartment buildings and condos, will live in paintings done […] Read More >

  • Building a Park at the End of India Street Read more >

    Building a Park at the End of India Street

    With the surge of interest in Brooklyn’s waterfront, attention is now turned to the northernmost point of the borough. The Greenpoint Waterfront Associate for Parks & Planning (GWAPP), Open Space Alliance of North Brooklyn (OSA) and the New York City Parks Department invited Greenpointers last Tuesday at the Greenpoint Coffee House to discuss the future […] Read More >

  • Behind the New Domino Read more >

    Behind the New Domino

    Earlier last week, the Community Preservation Corporation (CPC) released new plans for the New Domino, the site of the former Domino Sugar Refinery, in Williamsburg. The plans were presented to the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) and Community Board 1 (CB1) on Tuesday, February 6 for their approval. The groups failed to come to a final […] Read More >

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