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  • Art is Hard(ware) Read more >

    Art is Hard(ware)

    This Saturday kicked off the Crest Hardware Art Show, where each art piece included was created from materials available within the store. Over 90 pieces are displayed on the shelves among their source material in the 5,000 square foot store. “It’s like an Easter egg hunt,” said one mother to her daughter as they wandered […] Read More >

  • Wire Drops into the Seaport for the River to River Music Festival Read more >

    Wire Drops into the Seaport for the River to River Music Festival

    An 80% humidity index, a sharp increase in tourist sidewalk blockage and free concerts are all signs that summer has arrived in the city. Each year it seems as though a new summer music series pops up in another undiscovered riverside band shell, small strip of financial district sidewalk or abandoned pool. The South Street […] Read More >

  • Foodie on Duty: Move Over Ice Cream, Hello Creme Ice! Read more >

    Foodie on Duty: Move Over Ice Cream, Hello Creme Ice!

    As the first day of summer is creeping up on the horizon, tank tops, shorts, and sunglasses are already populating the streets where ice cream trucks and Italian ice carts roll back into business. You drag your feet up to the nearest Mr. Softee in search of a cold treat, but realize that you’re just […] Read More >

  • Memorializing Industrial Brooklyn Read more >

    Memorializing Industrial Brooklyn

    Dreary and solemn, the Red Hook Sugar Refinery stood empty and alone, against the gray-streaked skies of Brooklyn. Nearby, graffiti covered a dark wall against that same sky. These aren’t photographs. Rather, these structures, which are most likely soon to be destroyed and replaced by luxury apartment buildings and condos, will live in paintings done […] Read More >

  • The Soundtrack to the Tribeca Film Festival

    The Tribeca Film Festival completed its run on Sunday, May 4. Over the course of two weeks, festival goers were able to choose from the over 122 films, which include a mix of feature films, documentaries and shorts. For the fourth year, the festival also included the Tribeca/ASCAP Music Lounge. The Music Lounge showcased live […] Read More >

  • Pampa Grill Read more >

    Pampa Grill

    One of the best reasons to reconsider your vegetarian/vegan lifestyle (or agenda) is cultural. Unlike New York City, a vegetarian routine is hard to achieve in many places. Vegetarian friends who like to explore the world tell me time and time again how hard it is to find vegetarian options in their travels. Outside of […] Read More >

  • Finding Yourself in (the middle) of Art Read more >

    Finding Yourself in (the middle) of Art

    I don’t think I am alone when I say that art can be intimidating. I understand that in this neighborhood many will argue with this statement. Still, I can find few things more menacing than walking into a space where the aesthetic appreciation is amplified and almost forced; the spaces where the audience cannot separate […] Read More >

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