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  • Let’s Get Weird! Devo and Dan Decon Crash McCarren Read more >

    Let’s Get Weird! Devo and Dan Decon Crash McCarren

    Tonight Dan Deacon and Devo will transform McCarren Pool into a den of strange projections, trippy beats, post-punk guitar, electrified keyboards, and, if we’re lucky, a sweet rendition of “Whip It”. The name Devo actually is a play on the de-evolution of man—a concept born by the strange way consumerism and McCondos have creeped into […] Read More >

  • Hither Habitat, Thither Thenceforth! Read more >

    Hither Habitat, Thither Thenceforth!

    According to Webster’s Dictionary, a habitat is a place where a plant or animal can live and thrive. It’s a natural environment, an area with all the natural preconditions for life. So The Habitat on Manhattan Ave has a lot to live up to. This bar-cum-restaurant has to compete with the Amazon rainforests and the […] Read More >

  • G-Trip: Fun Times Off Your Favorite Train Read more >

    G-Trip: Fun Times Off Your Favorite Train

    Go see Hud at Bryant Park! (Monday June 30th, 5pm) Paul Newman in all his rugged, 60’s glory, and without the 40 hard boiled eggs, plays the mischievous son of a rancher, who woos the housekeeper with his wily ways. I never felt such an urge to clean a house before. Rarrrr. Send your slacker […] Read More >

  • Modest Mouse Rocks Secret Show Read more >

    Modest Mouse Rocks Secret Show

    The usual late night crowd was astir on North 6th last Thursday night as I shuffled towards Music Hall of Williamsburg. The hour was just shy of 1 am. I was among the young and the young-at-heart, smashed between bloodshot eyes, secondhand smoke, and the varied squawks and whispers of ticket seekers, all gathered tightly […] Read More >

  • Barfly: The Greenpoint Gazette Walks Into a Bar… Read more >

    Barfly: The Greenpoint Gazette Walks Into a Bar…

    A Rabbi and and a leperchaun walk into a bar. The bar is Bar Matchless, on the corner of Driggs and Manhattan, and since it’s Mon – Fri before 8pm, they both order the happy hour special of a $4 pint margarita. “Wow,” the Leperchaun says. “I enjoy this spacious, artfully dark interior, lit by […] Read More >

  • The Incredible Dull-K Read more >

    The Incredible Dull-K

    The Incredible Hulk (directed by Luis Leterrier) 114 min. Bruce Banner (The Hulk), attempts to rid himself of his freak powers, but finds himself in some sticky situations with the insensible military ironically, the monsters who created him in the first place. Edward Norton plays a crazed, war-mongering soldier (William Hurt) whose taste for blood […] Read More >

  • Foodie on Duty: Phoebe’s Foibles Read more >

    Foodie on Duty: Phoebe’s Foibles

    If you’ve ever walked down Graham Avenue, chances are that you’ve passed by Phoebe’s Café. The spray painted golden doorframe polka dotted with neon orange balls is hard to miss. It’s the kind of café that lovingly screams hipster with its 1950s old-diner feel and contemporary cooler-than-thou vibe. The air is perfumed with that greasy-spoon […] Read More >

  • G-trip: Get Out of Greenpoint on the MTA’s Most Reliable Train! Read more >

    G-trip: Get Out of Greenpoint on the MTA’s Most Reliable Train!

    Celebrate Brooklyn Hosts Jazz/Funk Trio Medeski, Martin, and Wood Thursday, June 19 8pm For years, Medeski, Martin, and Wood have been transcending genre. The not-quite-jazz, not-quite-funk, sometimes jammers blend a summertime groove with the sort of experimental sound that is perfect for a supine stretch across a picnic blanket after enjoying some sweet snacks. Grab […] Read More >

  • Authors Announced For 2008 Brooklyn Book Festival Read more >

    Authors Announced For 2008 Brooklyn Book Festival

    Last Friday, June 13th, Brooklyn’s literary enthusiasts gathered in Borough Hall’s Rotunda for Marty Markowitz to announce the author line up for The Brooklyn Book Festival. Among those who will be speaking and leading seminars are Jonathan Franzen (The Corrections), Terry McMillan (Waiting to Exhale), and Esmeralda Santiago (When I was Puerto Rican). For younger […] Read More >

  • Editor’s Choice

    The Village Voice will hold their 8th annual Siren Music Festival in Coney Island on July 19, with Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks and Broken Social Scene headlining the show. The festival had been noticeably lackluster in the past few years, drawing in only a handful of worthy performers and filling the rest of the […] Read More >

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