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  • The Cure for ILLiteracy Read more >

    The Cure for ILLiteracy

    There’s no getting around it: the Greenpoint branch of the public library is small. Situated at the corner of Norman Avenue and Leonard Street, the library looks cute and child-sized. Step inside, and you’ll find a disproportionate amount of shelves stocked chock full of books in Polish. I’m as big a fan of Greenpoint’s Polish […]

  • High Class at the Richardson Read more >

    High Class at the Richardson

    First, The Gap came out with a new style of skinny denim pants and called them Williamsburg Jeans. Then trendy British fashion magazines started compiling lists of fashion do’s and dont’s for English tourists in New York (shutter shades and wool caps are in this summer, apparently). This much seems true: everyone who has never […]

  • Top Chef Cuts the Mustard at Paloma Read more >

    Top Chef Cuts the Mustard at Paloma

    What does it mean when a restaurant has a “celebrity chef”? What does it mean when a chef is a “celebrity”? Or, even, a “Top Chef”? Paloma, a small, arty restaurant on the Greenpoint waterfront, is known for its food, but also for its executive chef (and owner) Camille Becerra. Camille gained her celebrity as […]

  • Foodie On Duty’s Feeling the California Love Read more >

    Foodie On Duty’s Feeling the California Love

    This week – as well as the next – I am taking a breather from Brooklyn’s humidity to return to the Golden State for some fresh air, fresh produce and, of course, the fresh food. My first stop after having momentarily lost my luggage, was in Arcadia for the uber-trendy and hyped Tokyo Table. Upon […]

  • Movie Review: “The Visitor” Read more >

    Movie Review: “The Visitor”

    Among 1997’s “The Visitor,” 2001’s “Just Visiting,” and 2003’s “Visitors,” it makes sense that you don’t remembering hearing about the lackluster-ly titled film “The Visitor” (2007). Released to high acclaim at several international film festivals, “The Visitor” only recently started playing stateside, garnering the good reviews and small audiences that typically plague a well-written, complex […]

  • Hope for Moore Street Marketeers Read more >

    Hope for Moore Street Marketeers

    The struggling, yet tenacious, Moore Street Retail Market on Williamsburg’s eastside, fought off the city’s attempt to shut down its ten vendors because they have operated in the red for too long. The Moore Street market, which still loses approximately $200,000 every year, is hoping to turn itself around before its five-year contract expires. They […]

  • Panda “Party” Busted on Bedford Read more >

    Panda “Party” Busted on Bedford

    The video begins on a rooftop, looking down at Bedford Avenue. The lights from the corner bodegas blur the shot as cars ease along and a crowd assembles on North 7 St. A video box cuts in. Bystanders argue with a police officer, and then the shot flashes across the street to the moving throng. […]

  • Health Fair for a Troubled Neighborhood

    The most likely way you will die a premature death in Williamsburg is cancer, followed by heart disease, HIV and homicide, according to the health department. On August 22nd, CABS Health Center is throwing their biggest health screening fair of the year to help identify and combat illnesses which can turn lethal if they go […]

  • Greenpoint Goes to the Moon Read more >

    Greenpoint Goes to the Moon

    Three sixth-graders from Saint Stanislaus Kostka School, Anna Kamuda, 12, Eric Frederickson, 12, and Michal Piekarz, 11, returned from the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, in Huntsville, AL, where they got to try out NASA technology at the U.S. Space Camp, from July 25-August 1. Back at school on Wednesday, the sixth grade students, dressed […]

  • Pigeon Reading: Superdove: How the Pigeon Took Manhattan and the World Read more >

    Pigeon Reading: Superdove: How the Pigeon Took Manhattan and the World

    Last Sunday in Greenpoint bookstore Word, author Courtney Humphries delved into her fascination with a part of the New York environment oft taken for granted: the common pigeon. Humphries’ first book, “Superdove: How the Pigeon took Manhattan and the World,” is a closer look at our feathered friends, going far beyond the typical New Yorker’s […]

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