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Here Comes the Sun

BY by Fai Walker and Nyana Picart, 6th grade MS 126

Sixth grade science students at MS 126 began the kick off of the Eco-Schools Energy Pathway to Sustainability by doing a three week unit on renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Through lectures, field experiences, demonstrations, and on-line research, veteran science teacher Steven House had students investigate and decide which renewable energy source they thought most efficient. Then he had students support their claim by writing an argumentative essay, in the form of a letter, to President Barak Obama.


As with all Eco-Schools Pathways to Sustainability, taking action is the ultimate goal and influencing those in positions of power to make decisions that reflect the wishes of its citizens is par for the course.


Nyana Picart’s letter to President Obama:


Dear President Obama,


Did you know that the sun is 90 million miles away from earth but it only takes 10 minutes to give us energy? Fossil fuels and nuclear power are harming our earth and soon enough will run out and we won’t be able to do practically anything! On the bright side, we can use solar power to help save our earth and get energy. Solar power is free energy we get from the sun. The sun offers a good advantage so let’s use it.


In science class, I found out that solar power produces no waste and it won’t pollute the air. On the website to-go-solar it said unlike conventional power, solar produces no harmful emissions that hurt the environment. As I mentioned earlier solar power is a good step forward to a better environment.


Solar power is good for our environment because it saves our environment and our money. On the previous website, I found out that in certain cases, excess solar energy can be put back on the grid and sold. This could provide an extra source of income. In addition, the investment that you make in solar will add its exact value to the property value of your home. Solar power can save and earn us all some extra pocket money.


I hope you take my argument into consideration. Now let’s wrap it up and go over what I’ve said. Fossil fuels and nuclear power are dangerous and will not last much longer. We can conserve it by using solar power. It is better for the environment and can make us money. Imagine never paying the electric bill—ever. As you can see, fossil fuels and nuclear energy aren’t good for our planet. It’s becoming a problem. We have a solution: solar power. Let’s take a step forward and do it for us, for our earth, for our future.



Nyana Picart, 6th grade, M.S.126
Brooklyn, New York


Fai Walker is the MS 126 Sustainability Coach for the National Wildlife Federation Greenpoint Eco-Schools Program


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