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Assemblyman Joe Lentol

Lentol Announces Legislation to Alleviate Parking in Popular New York Filming Areas

BY Greenpoint Gazette

Assemblyman Joe Lentol announced that he will introduce legislation to suspend alternate side parking rules within a six block radius on the days of permitted film shoots, with the goal of alleviating parking problems.


Permitted film shoots in New York City, and throughout the state, grant special parking privileges for vehicles essential to the filming crews such as equipment trucks, lifts, cranes, campers and honeywagons..


Due to film shoot parking restrictions, residents are forced to compete with their neighbors on adjacent streets for the few precious parking spots available. This pressure is compounded because alternate side parking rules are fully enforced, regardless of permitted film shoots.


“North Brooklyn is one of the hottest filming areas in all of New York City,” Lentol said “While I wholeheartedly support filming and the great economic benefits it brings to our state, I must ensure that my constituents’ quality of life is not adversely affected. This is a simple, temporary solution that will ease the tension that continues to build between residents and the filming industry.”


The parking challenge is a substantial quality of life issue in popular filming neighborhoods. This legislation seeks to balance the requirements of an important industry with the needs of local residents by temporarily suspending alternate side parking rules when filming occurs.


“Some film shoots reserve parking along multiple city blocks for days at a time,” noted Lentol. “Couple this with alternate side parking rules that are in effect in some New York City neighborhoods for four days per week and you have a parking disaster.”


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