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The Greenpoint Monitor Museum Honors Newest Class of Road Show Award Winners

BY Janice Lauletta-Weinmann, President, Greenpoint Monitor Museum

Since 2001, the Greenpoint Monitor Museum has been taking its show on the road, bringing educational programming to schools, churches, organizations and other museums.


At its “Road Shows,” the Museum covers topics including the histories of Greenpoint and the USS Monitor – the first ironclad warship, which was built in Greenpoint, played a key role fighting for the Union during the Civil War and transformed naval warfare. It also explores the Civil War and its immigrant soldiers, the war’s impact on slavery and its music. And it takes a close look at the engineering accomplishments of John Ericsson, the Monitor’s inventor and his work with solar engines, showing the benefits of solar power.


Participants also examine the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) USS Monitor National Marine Sanctuary and its efforts to preserve the USS Monitor and marine ecosystems.


As part of its Road Show program, the Museum includes a writing/art contest followed by its “Annual Road Show Award Ceremony” attended by parents, teachers and student award winners.  This year’s ceremony appropriately took place at PS 110, the Monitor School, home of The Greenpoint Monitor Museum’s classroom – where children visit for their Road Show class instruction.


The Greenpoint Monitor Museum 2014-2015 Road Show Award Winners


PS 31 – Samuel F. Dupont School:

First Place: Emilia Gabel, Kacper Letowski, Anthony Sipe

Second Place: Panevino Georgy, Kacper Jucha, Mariluz Garcia, Josue Martinez

Third Place: Emily Vasquez, Julia Dul, Peter Gorelik, Deven Reyes

Third Place – Group Project: Collin Chau-Schabenbeck and Michelle Plaza

Honorable Mention: Lola Pope


PS 110 – The Monitor School:

First Place: Michelle Lorenc,  Oliver Sikorski, Milena Dzielynska

Second Place: Gabriela Diaz

Third Place: Jasmin Rodriguez

First Place – Group Project: Nicole Mantuano, Stina Mei, Antonio Moschella, Bortosz Sawon and John Pelaez

Second Place – Group Projects: Angelika Sarnacka and Amelia Wojtkowski, Lucy and Emily Greenwood

Honorable Mention: David Swierkowski, Lanna Lei Gonzalez, Matthew Zarzuela

Honorable Mention – Group Project: Valentina and Lucien Sadykov


PS161m – Pedro Albizu Campos:

First Place: Anaisha Moya

Second Place: Mackenzie Liriano

Third Place: Jaden Lamarre

Honorable Mention: Jade Herrera, Alvin Fabian


Queen of the Rosary Catholic Academy:

First Place: Yoenidaliz Gonzalez

Second Place: Sara Souverain

Third Place: Kaitlyn Tineo

Honorable Mention: Franklin Rivera, Tyler Cotter


MS126 – John Ericsson School:

First Place – Julia Wojtkowski

Second Place – Group Projects: Kiara Vega, Beatrice Waterman and Itzel  Juarez

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