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Williamsburg Jewish Community – Built on the Holocaust Ashes – Remembers U.S. Service-Members’ Assistance During and After Holocaust

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Veterans Day, on which we all reflect on the heroic, selfless service of our service-members to our country – has a special meaning to the Jewish community in Williamsburg.

The community, built on the ashes of the Holocaust by a small number of Holocaust survivors, remembers the key role that the US Military played in ending the Holocaust, ending the annihilation of the Jewish People in Europe, and the tremendous help and care that US Service Members extended to the survivors immediately after their liberation.

Two weeks ago, an emotional reunion took place in Williamsburg between survivors, their many children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and US Pilot, Alan Golub, 92, who was involved in the liberation of the Buchenwald concentration camp. The survivors and their families thanked Golub for providing them food and clothing after their liberation. On his own initiative, Mr. Golub saved them from hunger and returned their dignity.

After discovering more than 30 Jewish girls hiding in a school in Eschvege, shivering and dressed in rags, Golub wanted to buy them fabric to make clothes, but was refused as a result of rationing rules. Brandishing his gun, Golub insisted he be allowed to buy the cloth and the shopkeeper complied. He later took a photo of the girls dressed in the matching outfits made from the material.

”Lt. Golub is just one of our country’s incredible members of the military,” said United Jewish Organizations President Rabbi David Niederman. “He went unrecognized for 70 years, until he was reunited with the survivors thanks to the interest of a family member. As we mark Veteran’s Day, we recognize Lt. Golub and all his fellow WWII vets for their selfless service. We owe all US veterans our deep gratitude and appreciation for enabling us to enjoy the freedoms we all hold so dear. We continue to pray for all service members in the line of duty to continue spread freedom successfully, and return home to their families safely and healthy.”

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