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Walter White Themed Coffee Shop Looking for Greenpoint Opening


Breaking Bad could be breaking bread in Greenpoint soon.

A Walter White themed coffee shop is raising funds to open a location in Greenpoint, its very first American outpost.

Walter’s Coffee Roasters is in the midst of a Kickstarter Campaign to raise $55,000 to make the project a reality in this neighborhood.

Walter’s opened in Istanbul in March 2015 as Heisenberg Coffee & Roastery Super Lab, before quickly taking on it’s new name inspired by the hit AMC TV show Breaking Bad, where Walter White is lead character, a man diagnosed with terminal cancer who turns to selling meth in his final days.

The nod to the show is however more reverential in this case. The founder of Walter’s, Deniz Kosan is a huge fan of the show, but in his coffee shop only likes to use fair trade beans and roasts his coffee in house.

The plan was always to open in Brooklyn first, but logistics prevented that from happening. But with the success of the coffee shop in Istanbul, Kosan and his team are energized to take on Brooklyn.

The back-end of the coffee shop pretty much resembles a regular science lab. Employees clean, prep, and roast the coffee in the Super Coffee Lab every day and then that coffee is freshly brewed for the customers.

What’s more those employees can also be seen dressed in yellow hazmat suits much like the TV show, and an elements chart on the wall in the store in Istanbul is a nod to some of the people who have made it possible.

Those are just some of the goodies on offer for people who choose to donate to the cause. T-shirts, mugs, hazmat suits, and even a chance to get a name on the wall are all possible depending on how much you contribute to the fundraising efforts.

If all goes according to plan, the store will open in April 2016.

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