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Squadron Subway Study Reveals Brooklyn Stations Beat Manhattan


North Brooklyn Subway stations have avoided the list of the worst subway stations in State Senator Daniel Squadron’s district, which also comprises of parts of lower Manhattan, according to a report released by his office last week.

Research for the report was conducted between July and August 2015, where all 53 stations present in the 26th State Senate District were examined. There were seven specific criteria taken into accounting namely ponding, leaking water, graffiti, broken stairs, deteriorating walls, rodents, and trash.

Surveyors examined both the exterior of the subway – the area before entering the turnstiles such as the stairs or escalator and/or a lobby; and the interior of the subway station – which is the area past the turnstiles, which includes the platforms and tracks.

In all, 372 staircases, 86 platforms, 29 elevators, and 21 escalators were examined in the process.

Canal Street on the 1 line emerged as the worst station based on the selected criteria. Rounding out the bottom five were Borough Hall on the 2/3, Rector Street on the R, Broad Street on the J/Z and Broadway on B/D/F/M.

“Surveying all 53 stations in my district showed the good, the bad, and the ugly of our subways,” said Squadron. “It’s good that most stations had fewer than half of the surveyed conditions. It’s bad that so many of the surveyed conditions we saw are easily fixable. And it’s downright ugly that nine of the stations had more than a 50% failure rate. Hopefully our recommendations can get the bad, and the ugly, to good.”

Some of the additional highlights of the report are as follows:

– Trash accumulation was found at 70 percent of the stations

– Ponding was found at 68 percent

– 60 percent of escalators/elevators not in service were found to have no signage or notice indicating that they were out of order.

More than 724,000 riders enter the review area each day, an increase of 3 percent in ridership from the previous year, according to the MTA.

Squadron’s report now calls for incorporating more Full Line Reviews along the existing subways and for solutions to the funding gap in the MTA Capital Plan.

Squadron’s report came out just days before the city and state agreed on a $29 billion five-year plan to tackle many of the issues mentioned in the report.

“Every day, thousands of our constituents use these subway stations,” said Assemblyman Joe Lentol. “They deserve a well-kept, clean environment. Reducing these problems would mean a huge quality of life improvement for residents in Manhattan and Brooklyn.”

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