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Life Prospers in this “Living” Nook of the Newtown Creek



The Newtown Creek Alliance is set to unveil its Living Dock project this weekend with a four-hour event to be held at its North Henry Street location this Sunday.

The Living Dock project is a prototype for learning about river remediation strategies. In addition it also aims to educate the public about the water body and aquatic life and be an access point to that aquatic environment.

The dock will also provide a landing space for small boats and habitat for indigenous plants and animals that will ultimately help improve the quality of the water in the creek.

As of August the dock had space for 18 different plant and habitat units.

The dock is made from reusable waste. The decking and structural support is created with reclaimed wood. 30 gallon food barrels are used as flotation devices, and plastic milk crates are being used for the habitation units.

The project was created in collaboration with Sarah Durand, Professor, LaGuardia Community College, City University of New York; North Brooklyn Boat Club; TMRnyc; Allocco Recycling; New York Harbor School; and Build It Green!NYC.

The project was made possible with by a Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund grant worth $24,980.

Today the living dock is a safe haven for shrimp, fish and other living organisms, and is a clean habitat for marine plants, in the otherwise largely polluted Newtown Creek. The project hopes to serve as a model for future remediation efforts.

Living Dock Celebration, October 18, Sunday, noon-4 p.m., Kingsland Avenue at North Henry Street, for more information visit

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