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Hosh Yoga Empowers North Brooklyn Students to Lead Their Own Fitness Goals


Hoping to boost the importance of health and fitness in people’s minds, a local yoga studio is tackling the problem at the core – targeting students.

But this time it’s not just conducting yoga workshops for students – it’s training a group of students to be teachers and leaders within their own community.

This new teacher training program is a collaboration between Hosh Yoga, Earth YogaNYC and the City of New York.

Through the program, 10 students, aged 18-22, will be selected from District 14, along with 10 adults from the same area and be provide 200 hours of yoga training between the months of January-April 2016.

By the end of it, the group will be certified yoga instructors, prepared to return and host classes at their own schools or continuing to work at Hosh.

The idea for the program was sparked by a conversation a student had with one of the instructors at a North Brooklyn high school.

The student mentioned that it was hard to find people who looked like him that were also yoga teachers. It seemed to him that the position was only open to a certain demographic.

Yoga, and particularly health and wellness have that stereotype for being predominantly practiced by a white demographic in the United States, particularly white women in their 20s and 30s,” said Henry Cross, the director of Hosh Kids, the student focused arm of Hosh Studios. “We are always searching for new yoga teachers, and we want to create our own talent pool that is consistent with the demographic in this community, a group that want to develop their own program catered specifically to the needs of the people in this area.”

To apply to the program, both students and adults who either study or live in the environs of District 14 are required to submit an essay. Cross says the essays should present an excitement for health and wellness, and a focus on how that can be shared with the rest of the community.

The students selected will receive the training at the Hosh studio in Greenpoint, and adults can take the same training for $1,200 – significantly less than standard yoga trainings that range from $3,000-$4,000 per person for the same 200 hour time frame.

All students will be required to complete 25 hours of community service during the course of the program as well.

Applications are now open, and those interest should, visit!teacher-training/c4ga.


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