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Triskelion Arts Presents… a+s works and Liz Charky + Company


Thursday, October 29 – Friday, October 30, 2015 – 8:00PM

Inspired by a landscape in which humans are forced into constant reverence with nature, a + s works premieres Dakota. The work investigates our mystical relationship with the brutality of natural elements, the elegies of trees and mountains, and how the vastness of land itself connects to the vastness of our most intimate selves. This work highlights the moments in which we interface with the whole of nature, which are often rare and elusive. As bodies move against this landscape, dancing becomes a kind of reconciliation and realization of this whole of nature that we constantly seek.

Liz Charky + Company is a multidisciplinary artistic company based in New York City. Committed to creating original collaborative work, Liz and her team of artists develop live performances that thoughtfully blend social experiences and understandings with varying artistic forms. The company will perform Right—a marriage of movement and sound that uses humor to depict and consider individual and collective responses to parochial upbringing—while also premiering I’m a Failure, which looks unbearably closely at what it means to fail, through the lens of personal accounts, representations in popular culture, and the very science of it all.

Tickets $16 at: More Info:

Triskelion Arts’ Muriel Schulman Theater

106 Calyer Street


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