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GWAPP Panel to Discuss Greenpoint’s Environmental History


The Greenpoint Waterfront Association for Parks and Planning (GWAPP) has organized a series of forums, set to take place over the next eight months, to address the community’s environmental concerns while presenting participants with a better understanding of the industrial history of Greenpoint.

The forums are made possible by a grant GWAPP received from the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund (GCEF).

GWAPP will host a total of four meetings with the first scheduled for October 7. That initial meeting will examine the history of industrial pollution in Greenpoint.

For the panel style discussion, GWAPP has assembled a veritable list of experts and historians from the neighborhood, including Geoffrey Cobb, the author of Greenpoint Brooklyn’s Forgotten Past, Mitch Waxman, a historian and a member of the Newtown Creek Alliance, and Ed Michaleski, a chemist.

“This is really a great night to learn about the history of Greenpoint, and what it means to live here today,” said Ryan Kuonen, who is coordinating the forum for GWAPP. “You really get to dive into the industry, learn about the real risks and the actual chemicals in the ground. It will be really informative and we have an amazing set of speakers lined up for the event.”

The second forum, tentatively scheduled for January will focus on the specifics of a Superfund site and how it relates to the site in Greenpoint. The third tentatively set for March or April will focus on the workings of the Newtown Creek Sewage Water Treatment Plant. The topic for the final meeting, to be held in June, will be decided based on the discussions had at the first three meetings, and what the community deems most beneficial.

GWAPP Environmental Forum, Oct. 7, DuPont Street Senior Housing, Community Room, 80 DuPont Street, starts at 7 p.m., for more information visit



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