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Brooklyn Brewery’s 2015 Dinner Series Concludes with Nod to the ‘80s


Tickets are now on sale for the final installment of Brooklyn Brewery’s Blast from the Past Dinner Party Series.

The first event took place in April at Williamsburg’s Humboldt and Jackson and focused on a mid-17th century themed menu, harkening back to the time when the Dutch colonists were settling the United States.

The clock has now moved up to the 1980s, with “Dinner Party No. 4: Easy Money, Big Hair & Haute Cuisine,” focusing on a more gritty time in city’s history, particularly Brooklyn, when crime was still rampant.

“Graffiti artists covered subways and bridges, hip hop and hardcore music rang out across the city, chefs competed to have the most impressive new dishes at iconic restaurants, and in Brooklyn, two men introduced a boss new lager that would help change the way Americans drink beer,” is how the folks at Brooklyn Brewery described it- referencing the establishment of the Brewery back in the ‘80s.

The dinner will reflect on those times taking inspiration from the first beer dinner Brewery founder and owner Steve Hindy hosted at Windows of the World restaurant at the top of the former World Trade Center.

The menu will feature chicken skewers with peanut chili butter; foie gras with oranges and chantarelles; pumpkin soup, fonduta, candied pepitas; lobster wenberg; and for dessert apple pie with cinnamon whipped cream.

All the food will be prepared courtesy the Brewery’s chef, Andrew Gerson, and each item will be paired with a beer from the Brewery’s vast selection.

The past two dinners, the first looking at French-style cuisine and oysters, and the second examining the prohibition era sold out shortly after tickets became available.

Brooklyn Brewery’s Dinner Party No.4: East Money, Big Hair & Haute Cuisine, Thursday, October 15, 6:30-9:30 p.m., Humboldt & Jackson, 434 Humboldt Street, to purchase tickets visit

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