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Family of Five Held Hostage and Robbed at Gunpoint, and Other Crimes from the 90th Precinct


A family of five was robbed of over $20,000 and held hostage in their apartment on South 1st Street the night of September 10.

Four men, two of whom were in possession of firearms, knocked on the door to the apartment shortly after 9 p.m. that night.

A young woman answered the door. They pushed past her, and forced their way into the apartment.

Once inside they ordered the other four people in the apartment into the master bedroom, and asked them to remain inside.

All four perps then searched through the apartment. They grabbed a box in the kitchen that contained $8,000 in cash, and grabbed jewelry and other personal belongings valued at thousands of dollars each.

None of the victims were injured in the ordeal.


 Teenager Robbed of Phone

A 14-year-old boy was robbed of his phone while on his way home from school on the afternoon of September 10.

The boy was walking along the corner of Flushing Avenue and Broadway, when an unknown approached, and snatched the iPhone right out of his hand.

He fled on foot towards Flushing Avenue.

The victim did not sustain any injuries, and the police are unable to track the phone due to the lack of a tracking device on it.


Stranger At Home

A Bushwick couple awoke to find a strange man rummaging through their apartment on the night of September.

The husband, 44, was awakened by his wife after she heard an intruder in their Judge Street apartment close to 2 a.m. that morning.

She said she saw a shadow moving by their bedroom door.

The couple got up to investigate. Just as they went outside, they noticed an unknown man trying to leave through their fire escape, and when they followed him there, they witnessed him jumping over the fence in the backyard of the building.

Cameras located close by caught an unknown man running away from the apartment building towards Bushwick Avenue.


Robbery on Grand

A Grand Street business was robbed of a laptop on the afternoon of September 10.

The store clerk, 26, said she was helping out a customer whom she described as a black man approximately 40 years old, weighing 175lbs and about 5’7” tall.

She then went into the basement of the store to retrieve some shipping boxes, at which point she felt as though someone was attempting to lock her from the outside.

However the door had not been properly locked and the clerk was able to free herself from the basement.

When she arrived upstairs, the customer was gone, as was the store laptop valued at close to $1,300.



A 36-year-old man was robbed while on his way home from a bar in the early hours of September 12 at the intersection of South 3rd Street and Rodney Street.

The victim took a break at an overpass along the way, as he was making his way home.

Two men, who identified themselves as police, approached him and began riffling through his pants pockets.

They grabbed his phone, credit cards, and $60 in cash and fled.

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