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A North Brooklyn Dance Mainstay Recalls Her Experiences in New Book


Williamsburg-based dancer Anabella Lenzu’s company, DanceDrama is set to launch a new show at the end of this month – yet another capstone in what has been a career that has only grown from strength to strength for the Argentinean immigrant.

Lenzu grew up in Argentina where she began to dance at the age of 5. She recalls her first experience with the art form reducing her to tears and being moved so much by that experience, that even at a young age, she knew it she wanted to do it for the rest of her life.

As a result, she never thinks of her entering the field as a choice, but more a mission – something she was always destined to accomplish.

At 15, she became a teacher, opening her own dance academy at 18. Ever since, she has worked to improve and hone her own craft while imparting her experiences to others.

Al this and more makes up the background of the North Brooklyn mainstay’s book, Unveiling Motion and Emotion. Written in English and Spanish, the project was a labor of love that took over two years to complete.

The book focuses on the importance of dance, community, choreography and its author’s dance pedagogy.

“I wanted to put my experience in words for the next generation of dancers,” said Lenzu. “I wanted to share the experience of how you can stay faithful to your artistic voice and mission, and how traveling and working within different cultures and communities influences your work. I want people to see this field with compassion and generosity.”

Lenzu moved to Williamsburg about ten years ago, and established Dance Drama in the neighborhood. She says she felt instantly at home. Lenzu’s family were Italian immigrants in Argentina, and Lenzu felt at ease amongst the Italian community in Williamsburg.

Fortunato Brothers Café on Manhattan Avenue quickly became one of her favorite neighborhood establishments, and she credits the community for helping her find her home within the neighborhood.

Over the years, Lenzu’s company has performed several shows in the neighborhood, as well as conducting dance workshops for the uninitiated and local children. It offers special Argentinian Tango workshops as well.

A new show debuts at the end of the month. To check out scheduling and learn more about Lenzu and Dance Drama, visit

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