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Over 250 Bottles of Stolen Cough Medicine and other Crimes from the 90th Precinct


A worker at a South 3rd Street Pharmacy realized in early August that a co-worker at the pharmacy had been steadily robbing the store for the past four months.

The perp, 42, continued to order bottles of Promathazine Codeine, starting in April, but never made a note of them in the store’s inventory.

The employee that reported the crime became aware of the theft while reviewing email receipts of the orders, which revealed that his co-worker had ordered 269 bottles valued at $2,642.

In addition the perp had also stolen $2,728 from the store debit card account.

When the employee confronted her with the information, she became agitated and fled, and has not returned to the store since.


Punched in the Face

A 25-year-old man was attacked while walking home on the night of August 17.

A group of four men approached him just after 10 p.m. along Boerum Street.

One of them yelled, “run your s**t.”

All four then began punching and kicking him about the face and head.

The perps then fled the scene. It is unclear what caused the perps to attack the victim.


Scooter Theft

An 8-year-old boy was robbed of his scooter on the night of August 17.

An unknown man approached the child as he was riding his scooter along Rutledge Street, and pushed him off his scooter from behind.

He grabbed the scooter and fled in an unknown direction.


Delivery Guy Robbed

 A 28-year-old delivery guy was attacked and robbed while making a delivery just after 9 p.m. on August 18, at a Maujer Street apartment.

An unknown man approached the victim while he was on the phone with the customer and hit him multiple times with a tree branch and then took the victim’s cell phone.

The delivery guy’s phone was valued at $550, but he declined to make a statement at the precinct.


Bodega Brawl

A 29-year-old man was left with a laceration to the back of his neck after a brawl in front of a South 4th Street bodega in the early hours of August 18.

The victim and perp got into a verbal argument in front of the bodega that morning when the latter grabbed a beer bottle and smacked the victim in the back of the head.

The perp then fled the scene.


Slashed by Ex

A 21-year-old man was slashed by his girlfriend after an argument at his apartment on Ross Street on the night of August 16.

The girlfriend went at him with a kitchen knife after a nasty row and nicked his right hand pinky finger.

The victim was treated by EMS on the scene.


Robbed at Knife Point

A 26-year-old woman was robbed at knifepoint in the early hours of August 23 in front of a South 4th Street residential building.

The woman was walking along the street just after 2 a.m. when two unknown men approached her from behind.

“B***h, give me your s**t,” one of the men shouted. He had a black knife in one hand.

The other perp then ruffled through the victim’s pockets, and grabbed her purse.

The goods in the purse were valued at close to $1,000.



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