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McCarren Park Robberies and other Crimes from the 94th Precinct


A 27-year-old man was robbed on his way from the subway Saturday night.

The victim was walking along the intersection of Union and Driggs Avenues when four men approached him from behind.

“Give up the phone or I will violate you,” one of them said to the victim.

The victim handed them his phone. The perps also grabbed his bag and fled into McCarren Park.


Food Truck

A man was robbed while getting a late night bite in Williamsburg on August 22.

The victim was purchasing food from a truck parked at North 11 Street and Wythe Avenue.

Four men approached him and began pushing and shoving him.

One of the perps tried to grab his food and an altercation ensued.

As a result the perps were able to grab the victim’s phone and wallet, and fled the scene.

The victim gave chase but lost them after two blocks.


Small Talk

A 37-year-old man was robbed while hanging out in McCarren Park on the night of August 19.

The victim said he was sitting on a bench close to the intersection of North 12th Street and Bedford Avenue.

An unknown man approached him and began making conversation. Within a few minutes, the man grabbed his keys, phone and wallet, and fled.



Too Friendly

In another McCarren Park robbery, a 36-year-old woman was scammed by two overtly friendly men harassing her in the park on the night of August 22.

While sitting on a bench close to Union and Driggs Avenue, the victim was approached by a man who attempted to talk to her by putting his arm around her.

Just then another man arrived from the other side.

The first perp pretended to recognize the second and they both hugged.

The second perp then forcefully hugged the victim a couple of times, and then both men left the Park.

It was after they left that the woman realized her phone was missing.

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