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Levin Ups PB Ante to $1.5 Million for Upcoming Cycle


Participatory Budgeting (PB) in North Brooklyn received a boost Monday morning when Councilman Stephen Levin announced that he would be adding an additional $500,000 in funding to his previous years’ contributions bringing the total to $1.5 million for the upcoming round of funding in his district.

In the PB process, projects are proposed by community members and after an extensive review process by the City Council the best ideas receive support to create the strongest possible proposals before being submitted.

Once submitted, members of the district vote for their favorite projects. Based on the Council member’s discretion, the chosen projects are then awarded the full available funds or it’s divided among the top vote getters.

“It is clear that residents of my district are enthusiastic about Participatory Budgeting and that they have plenty of great ideas to bring to the table,” said Levin. “Committing an additional $500,000 this year will bring more of those ideas into reality and bring more community members into this process.”

Last year, repairs to the McGolrick Playground, four NYCHA playgrounds, and the BOOKlyn Shuttle scored big during the participatory budgeting process with the top five vote getting projects receiving full funding during the previous cycle.

Before proposals are submitted or drawn up, community members meet in Neighborhood Assemblies to discuss the most pressing needs of the community.

This month and the next will see three such meetings taking place:

Wednesday, September 9th: 6:30 PM, McCarren Play Center, 776 Lorimer Street

 Monday, September 14: 6:30 PM, St. Francis College, 180 Remsen Street

 Thursday, October 8th: 5:00 PM, Independence Community Center, 114 Taylor Street

Since it’s inception four years ago, the Participatory Budgeting Process in New York City has funded $32 million in local projects in 24 City Council districts. To learn more about it visit


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