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Activists “Shame” Developers at Broadway Triangle


Continuing their stand against the construction taking place at Broadway Triangle, activists gathered Friday morning to erect what they call a “Wall of Shame” at the site.

The Broadway Triangle Community Coalition (BTCC) was created in response to the 2009 rezoning of the area. It comprises more than 40 community groups all working together to prevent discriminatory housing practices.

When it was rezoned the Broadway Triangle was divided into public and privately owned property. While construction has not taken place on the publicly owned land, private developers have gone ahead with construction on their property with housing, activists claim, offered exclusively to the Hasidic Community.

A lawsuit helped in obtaining a temporary restraining order, but the Coalition alleges that the developers have openly flouted this ruling.

In January, the BTCC demonstrated in front of City Hall demanding that the administration take action on the site.

For the most part, activists are excoriating Mayor Bill de Blasio for following in the footsteps of his predecessor Michael Bloomberg and not doing enough for the low-income, long-term residents of the community.

The “Wall of Shame,” erected by the activists Friday includes legal documents, photographs, posters, and banners all showing the group’s victories in court and the efforts they’ve made to raise awareness about the issue.

It was a way to get more people involved and aware of the issue as they drive by the signs,” said Barbara Schliff, one of the event’s organizers. “We are really disappointed in the de Blasio administration, and so we are rallying together as a group, with each tackling a different set of activities to raise awareness.”

Friday’s protest was spearheaded by Southside community group, Los Sures. The signs were taken down shortly after their erection, but according to the organizers it was more important that people had a chance to look at them and be made aware of what is happening in the area.

 To learn more about the issues plaguing Broadway Triangle check out the Gazette’s story from January





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