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36-year-old Man Shot to Death Close to Lindsay Park Houses and other Crimes


A 36-year-old man was shot dead on the night of August 24, police are still looking for a suspect, and no witnesses have come forward so far.

Following reports of gunshots coming from outside the building located at 50 Manhattan Avenue, EMS and the FDNY were the first to arrive on scene to discover a man laying face down on the sidewalk with three gun shot wounds to his head and body.

The emergency responders tried administering CPR, but to no avail.

The victim was pronounced dead on arrival at Woodhull Hospital.

Police uncovered 9MM bullet casings at the scene of the crime, but nothing else is as yet known about a possible suspect.


 Gun on Train

A gun-toting thug was apprehended on the J train in the early hours of August 26 at the Halsey stop after earlier threatening a man with it.

The victim, 37, recalled a man approaching him at a bus stop located at the intersection of Hewes Street and Broadway and asking for 50 cents and a cigarette.

When the victim refused, the man pulled out a gun wrapped in a plastic bag and said, “You’re lucky I was trying to rob you.”

As soon as the suspect left for the subway, the victim alerted the police.

The authorities then had the train stopped and conducted a search which led to the perp’s apprehension and the discovery of the gun.




A 34-year-old man was robbed of an $11,500 Rolex watch in the early hours of August 28.

Two unknown men approached the man as he was standing outside of Rodney Park just after 3:00 a.m.

One the men asked him for the time.

The other went behind and put his arm around the victim’s neck.

The duo then demanded he hand over his watch, grabbed it, and then fled on foot.

Aug. 28, Friday, 3:30 a.m., opposite of 283 Rodney Street



Stagg Street Warehouse Burgled

A Stagg Street commercial building was robbed off $200 in cash on the night of August 29.

A worker at the building had opened the roll down gate to let a truck into the premises when he noticed an unknown man walking in the vicinity.

However once the truck passed, the man was nowhere to be seen.

The worker then made his way back to the office to retrieve some keys, but just as he opened the door he noticed the same man inside.

Panicked, he closed the door immediately, and the thief jumped out of the office window but not without grabbing $200 in cash.


Fake Cop

A 27-year-old man was robbed at gunpoint by a man posing to be a police officer in the early hours of August 27.

The victim was sitting his parked car in front of a Marcy Avenue residence just after 7:00 a.m.

A man approached the car, identified himself as a police officer, and asked for the victim’s papers.

When the victim asked him for a badge, he pointed to the handgun bolstered to his waist, and asked the victim to get out of the car.

He then forced the victim to withdraw $500 in cash from two nearby ATMS, and grabbed the victim’s cell phones before fleeing.


Bembe Beating

A fight broke out at the Bembe nightclub on South 6th Street in the early hours of August 26.

A 25-year-old woman was attacked for unknown reasons.

One man grabbed her by the neck, choked her, and then punched her in the face causing a cut to the inner lip.

He then pulled on her braids, ripping hair out of her scalp in the process, and ripped her shirt in the scuffle as well.

The victim recalled that both men threatened her with a knife during the attack.



Snatch and Punch

A 22-year-old woman was attacked and robbed on the night of August 24.

The victim was walking along Morgan Avenue when she noticed someone approaching her from behind.

The man walked past her at first but then suddenly swerved around, and attempted to snatch her purse.

When she resisted, he demanded she give him her wallet. He snatched $100 in cash out of it when she pulled it out.

He then punched her in the face and fled.



Gold Chain

A 61-year-old woman was robbed on August 24 while making her way home.

Two men approached her as she was walking along Marcy Avenue.

One of them snatched the gold chain she was wearing valued at $300 while the other grabbed a ring valued at $200, and both fled on foot.



Delivery Guy Attacked

A 43-year-old deliveryman was attacked and robbed on the night of August 27.

He had just completed making a delivery at a Powers Street residence when an unknown man placed him in a chokehold from behind.

The victim temporarily lost consciousness, at which point the perp grabbed his phone and $175 in cash and fled the scene.

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