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While Helping A Woman with her Bike, Two Men Make off with $1,300 in cash; and other crimes from the 94th Precinct


Two good Samaritans turned out to be thieves in one woman’s experience.

The victim was about to board a cab outside a North 5th Street building on the morning of August 14.

Two men from the building offered to help the woman load her bicycle into the cab.

While she was on her way in the cab, she noticed her wallet was missing.

She went back to the building, and noticed one of the men still there and confronted him. He denied taking anything and became aggressive.

Construction workers from a nearby project held him down as he attempted to escape, and victim was able to fish out her wallet from his pocket, but it was missing $1,300 in cash.



Jilted Ex

An argument between two former lovers turned violent inside a Commercial Street apartment on the afternoon of August 9.

The woman said her ex boyfriend attacked her in the midst of a verbal argument.

He chocked, slapped, and pulled her hair causing her substantial pain, redness, and swelling to neck and face area.



Robbed and Punched while Asleep on Train

A man was robbed and punched while asleep on the L train on the night of August 9.

The victim told police that he boarded the train at Montrose Avenue just after 4:30 a.m. and fell asleep.

He woke up shortly after to notice someone trying to grab his cell phone from his front pant pocket.

The perp punched the victim when he noticed the victim waking up.

The victim was then unconscious again, and when he woke up a second time he was at Bedford Avenue, and realized his property missing.

The victim declined medical attention, and did not have a tracker enabled on his phone to access its whereabouts.

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