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Senior Women Targeted, and Other Crimes from the 90th Precinct


A 73-year-old woman was robbed on the night of August 8 while waiting for a bus at the northeast corner of Flushing Avenue and Gerry Street, and left without her dentures.

The victim told police that she was waiting at the stop just after 8:15 p.m., when an unknown man approached her, snatched her bag from her hand and and fled on foot.

The bag contained her dentures valued at $400.



Domestic Scuffle

A 33-year-old man was beaten by the mother of his child on the night of August 12 inside his South 3rd Street apartment.

A verbal argument at first quickly tuned violent when the woman allegedly hit him with a closed fist around his face and arm.

She continued to hit him and in the process grabbed $140 in cash from his front pocket, and left the apartment.

The man sustained injuries to his neck and arms and a laceration to his face.



Gold Chain

A 91-year-old woman was robbed while getting lunch at a South 3rd Street restaurant.

The woman was eating at a table located nearest to the door.

Shortly after 2 p.m., and unknown man walked into the location and approached the victim.

He grabbed a yellow gold necklace valued at $400 that the victim was wearing and fled the scene on foot.



Violent Ex

A 27-year-old woman was attacked by her ex-boyfriend on the night of August 4, inside her apartment on South 4th Street.

The duo were involved in a verbal dispute, when the man picked up a chair and smashed it against a wall leaving two holes in it and smashing a painting.

The perp then grabbed the victim’s phone from the apartment and left. But when she called him back, he walked in, broke a glass plate, and flung the phone at the victim’s head.

Fearing for her safety, she hid in the bathroom, but the perp followed her there with a pair of scissors and threatened her with it.

He then pushed her to the ground, and left.



Maujer Stabbing

A 24-year-old man was stabbed multiple times on his way to a bodega on the night of August 13.

The victim was walking along Maujer Street when he got into a fight with five other men.

One of the perps then pulled out a knife and stabbed him seven times in the back of the neck and his back.

The victim is now recovering from his injuries at Bellevue Hospital.



Jewelry Robbery

A 43-year-old Grand Street resident was robbed off over $13,000 in jewelry while she was away at work on August 16.

The woman returned home just after 4 p.m. to notice that her jewelry stashed in different locations of her apartment was gone.

Among the items taken included a pair of diamond earrings valued at $3,000, and 2 gold and one silver bracelet, also valued at the same price.

The victim said that in addition to herself, three cleaning ladies had access to her apartment.

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