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By Brooklyn Capitalizes on Rising Williamsburg Tourism


Popular Brooklyn-only goods store, By Brooklyn, recently expanded to Williamsburg, and is already attracting large crowds at its new location.

By Brooklyn sells a variety of products like food, skincare, home decorations, apparel, books, jewelry, and stationery goods, all of which are exclusively produced in Brooklyn and sold by Brooklyn-based business owners.

Gaia DiLoreto opened the business in Carroll Gardens back in 2011. She was working in corporate finance just before that, but wasn’t passionate about her work, hated the fact that it was all consuming, and felt a lot of negativity in the workspace.

She quit and decided to explore other opportunities. By Brooklyn was born as a result, and has become a thriving business today. DiLoreto credits this to the international value of the Brooklyn brand.

“Brooklyn is an internationally known brand what with Brooklyn Bowl opening in London and Brooklyn Brewery opening in Sweden,” said DiLoreto. “There is a sense of authenticity, craftsmanship, and uniqueness. I attribute that to the current boom in the entire maker movement, but also the history of Brooklyn as a manufacturing hub.”

The expansion to Williamsburg was a natural progression for DiLoreto. Not only is the neighborhood home to several artists and craftspeople, but increasingly it has become a magnet for tourists visiting New York, all of whom want to take a piece of Brooklyn home with them.

DiLoreto says she’s received a very warm welcome from the Williamsburg community and has already been approached by several local artists enquiring about selling their goods at the store.

She’s also launched a Happy Hour series at the Williamsburg store. For now it’s a series focused on local food makers. The producers who sell their foods at the store come in every Thursday for a free food tasting and drinking session. Upcoming sessions include ones with Butter & Scotch, Grady’s and Brooklyn Brine.

While DiLoreto likes to take it one step at a time, much like any other businessperson she’s also thinking about her next big expansion. She currently has her eyes set on JFK and LaGuardia – hoping to set up shop and be part of their expansion and renovation initiatives.

By Brooklyn, 142 Grand Street, 718-935-9041, Open Mon-Sat, 12-8 p.m., Sun 12-7 p.m. For more information, visit


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