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Hatch Series Returns to Explore the Relationship Between Art and Urbanism


Greenpoint’s young artist networking group is back with its second event just over a month after its inaugural event opened to tremendous success in the neighborhood.

The “Hatch Series,” will premiere “Between the Concrete,” taking a look at an artist’s relationship with their urban environment on August 1.

To keep things interesting, series co-founders and organizers Nana Yu I Lee and Minna Son give artists from a variety of backgrounds a specific theme and asked them to interpret it in their own way.

The duo was particularly interested in exploring how artists adapt and incorporate the elements that result from working in constrained spaces in urban environments, and how the urban setting influences their artistic process.

“We are really interested in seeing how artists articulate their identities in these unique settings,” said Lee. “We saw this trend of artists exploring unique spaces in order to create new work and we wanted to incorporate that into our series as well.”

The exhibition hopes to explore some of the tensions the idea of urbanism might create for artists as they practice their work. Some of the common themes that will come to the fore include alienation, breach of privacy, gender conflict, violence, displacement and anxiety.

For the most part, the submissions for the second series are digital and experimental in nature with some works of photography as well. Much like the previous event, Son and Lee will install the pieces at the Loft, where the event is held, on the day of the show.

In addition to the exhibition, the second event will feature a panel of artists so guests can interact at greater length with the artists as they walk them through the installations.

The event however marks a bittersweet partnership for creators Son and Lee. The latter will be departing for her home in Taipei, Taiwan at the end of next month; however the series will continue in both cities, encouraging cross-cultural dialogue with the first event in Taiwan set to take place in December.

Son and Lee met while interning at the Guggenheim Museum in the spring this year, and decided to create a series promoting the work of young and up and coming artists and exploring issues of post-colonialism and experiences of the diaspora.

 Hatch Series No. 2 Between the Concrete, August 1, 7 p.m. (artist panel), 8 p.m. – Midnight (exhibition), to find out the location email

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