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The 94th Precinct Welcomes a New Commanding Officer

BY Tanay Warerkar

After more than two years in service Captain James Ryan is moving on from his position and making room for Pete Rose, as the new commanding officer of the 94th Police Precinct.


And no, it’s not the baseball legend, but Rose will tell you, he did once have a funny interaction with the all-time hits leader that shares his name.


The police officer met the baseball legend at an event in Cooperstown in Upstate New York. He asked the man for an autograph. He wanted it to read, “To Pete Rose, from Pete Rose.”


“That’ll be $60,” is what the baseball star replied, according to Rose.


The policeman walked away.


“I didn’t really watch him growing up and I’m definitely not paying for a signature.”


Rose has been on the force for over two decades and got his start in Corona-Jackson Heights in Queens, towards the end of the crack epidemic. He witnessed a lot of violence and drug abuse, but he said the community was always supportive of the police force.


“It just becomes a job and you don’t get emotionally involved with what’s going on,” said Rose. “You have a job to do and you get there and do what you have to do whether it is rendering aid or making an arrest.”


But working for the community is something Rose has done from a young age. His first job was working as a lifeguard. And before he joined the police department, he worked as a paramedic for the city.


And to top it all, Rose comes from a strong lineage of police officers with several of his uncles and cousins who have formerly worked and are currently working as part of the NYPD.


A ceremony held Monday afternoon in the office of Assemblyman Joe Lentol commemorating the work of outgoing CO Ryan and welcoming Rose, was attended by community members and elected officials.


You make coming to work a pleasure and I can’t say enough to you guys,” said Ryan. “The most rewarding things I got from this job is the community outreach and even when there is a problem, it’s so rewarding to be able to listen to your problems and maybe fix it or alleviate it.”


Councilman Stephen Levin was all praises for the man.


“You got at it with a great sense of mission and you always know it’s coming from the heart,” he said to Ryan. “We need more of that in this city, and you provided a great example of that.”


It’s just been a week since Rose took office, and he stands determined to reach out to as many community organizations as possible. One of his biggest initial concerns in the community is reducing property thefts, such as people who have their laptops stolen from cafes while on a bathroom break.


“Greenpoint is a big and diverse community, but it is also a supportive one from what I’ve been told,” said Rose. “The biggest goal is keeping everyone here safe and reaching out to everyone no matter where they are from.”

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