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El Cortez, a Mexican-Style Bar, Opens in East Williamsburg


El Cortez, a two-story bar with a back patio, live stage, and a capacity for almost 200 people, opened recently on Ingraham Street in East Williamsburg.

Chris Young, the owner, told the Greenpoint Gazette the new establishment will serve “burritos, nachos, tiki drinks and such.”

There will be live DJ’s playing the upper floor, but the line-up is yet to be determined. The staff is “working on getting the schedule up on our website but we haven’t got it together yet,” according to Young.

The name El Cortez is evocative of the Spanish conquistador who led the effort to sack the Aztec Empire, but Young said this is unintentional. “Mainly it was just a name that suggested upscale in the distant past but fell out of use,” he said.

As for now, customer should not expect too much from a visit to El Cortez.

“We try to set the bar for expectations as low as possible so that even if we do a shitty job it might not seem that bad,” Young said.

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