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An “OWL” Lands in Bushwick

BY Christopher Gongolski

What was a run down, empty warehouse in the formerly deserted back streets of Bushwick two years ago is now fully renovated oasis for musicians and artists.

This newest nightlife and entertainment addition to North Brooklyn is Our Wicked Lady (OWL), offering a fully stocked bar, and for visiting artists and musicians, studio and rehearsal space, available for rent on a monthly basis.

OWL owners Keith Hamilton, Wayne Gordon and Zach Glass invested two years and an unmentioned amount of money to turn their space into a fully functional social club. The three local artists were determined for OWL, which had its grand opening on July 8, to be a social networking place for Brooklyn’s artists and musicians to mingle, and from all appearances, they’ve succeeded.

Rehearsal and art studio spaces range from about $450 to $1,400 per month, depending on the size of the room being rented. The rehearsal spaces on the first floor have been sound treated, so noise doesn’t carry over from studio to studio. And, with the building’s heavy factory walls, passersby have no clue that a band is rehearsing just a few feet away. Art studios on the second floor offer a peaceful workplace.

One more impressive feature of OWL is located in the bar area. A massive LED light panel was installed in a performance area of the main floor where bands will play during any events being held. The LED “light-cove” can be programmed to change in a multitude of different colors and videos can even be projected into the pixels during performances.

Our Wicked Lady is located at 153 Morgan Avenue. More information about renting space and booking an event at Our Wicked Lady is available on their webpage at

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