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Another Pop-Up Populates Growing Bushwick Scene


Bushwick is fast becoming pop-up market central and another one opens its doors, weekends only, starting this week at Flat Fix, a warehouse space on Starr Street.

Good Times BK will feature a wide selection of music, art, and fashion, and will be open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday throughout the summer.

The pop-up market is the co-creation of Point A, an importer and distributer of agricultural goods; Brooklyn is the Future, a public arts collective; Installation NYC Market, a Crown Heights based seller of second hand and NYC designers based fashions; and a group called the Culture Cartel.

The folks at Point A repurposed the warehouse on Starr Street to enable the creation of the pop-up as it is today.

“In a lot of ways Good Times BK is essentially the spirit of modern day Bushwick, and New York City at large,” said Juan Santos, the founder of Point A. “Refurbishing of spaces to adapt to a rapidly shifting urban demographic and providing a haven for the community without disrupting the landscape and culture.”

The space will feature the work of several local artists like N. Jay Carlos who is the founder of Brooklyn is the Future as well as the man curating the artwork for the pop-up.

“We’re giving Brooklyn culture and creatives a home and we could not be more excited about sharing all of their great work and talent with the rest of the community,” said Carlos. “This is truly about celebrating Brooklyn’s progressive movement while still preserving the nuances of the borough’s past.”

The clothing, vintage goods, and contemporary products part of the market will be taken care of by Installation NYC Market and the Culture Cartel.

“Brooklyn is seeing a major shift in priorities and we’re working hard to keep Kings County’s authentic expression alive.” said Israel David, the founder Installation NYC Market. “We’re making sure the original Brooklyn prestige is alive and well: inclusiveness, diversity, and spreading Love.”

Good Times BK, opens Friday, July 10, 5-10 p.m., 225 Starr Street, regular hours, Fri 5-10 p.m., Sat-Sun 2-11 p.m., for more information visit

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