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P.S. 110 Shows-Off Leadership Skills at Annual Event

BY Christopher Gongolski

In the P.S. 110 vestibule, students greeted guests and parents before escorting them to the school’s fourth floor auditorium.

Leadership was on display at the school last Wednesday, with students from Pre-K through fifth grade demonstrating through a student created play, each of seven leadership habits: Be Proactive, Begin with the End in Mind, Put First Things First, Think Win-Win, Seek First to Understand then to be Understood, Synergize and Sharpen the Saw. At the end of the play, all the students seated in the audience pulled out small flags, emblazoned with the number 7, and waved them together.

This is the Monitor School’s third annual Leadership Event. Anna Cano Amato, P.S. 110’s Principal, was searching for “…a process that would enable us to enrich the social and emotional growth of our children,” she said. “And I happened to end up at a presentation for ‘The Leader in Me.’”

The Seven Habits mentioned above, have been incorporated into the school’s curriculum and the daily lives of students and staff, over the past three years. “Because there is a commonality of language throughout the building, the students have a better set of social and emotional tools to interact with each other,” said Cano Amato. “So when one student talks about ‘Win-Win’ at recess, everyone understands that and it gives another way of relating to each other, amongst students and amongst staff.”

Following the presentations, teh students gave guests at the school a tour. The first stop was a classroom on the third floor where student binders that included work done on understanding the Seven Habits were on display. Throughout the hallway students performed skits and put on workshops. There were even two workshops in which the students had put together video animation that incorporated the Seven Habits and how to live the example outside of the school.

Perhaps most impressive of all, was an approximately 10 minute long play by the 5th grade called, “Ristorante Italiano.” All of the fifth grader’s verses were in Italian and demonstrated casual to intermediate conversation in a second language.

Wrapping up the annual event, guests returned to the auditorium where the fifth grade was already on stage and ended the day by singing John Legend, “If You’re Out There.”

P.S. 110 is located at 124 Monitor Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222. Their telephone number is (718) 383-7600. More information about P.S. 110 can be found online at:

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