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OSA Calls for Volunteers to Lead North Brooklyn Parks Clean-Up

BY Tanay Warerkar

The Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA) is expanding its volunteer opportunities in a big way.

Starting at next month’s Go Green! Greenpoint Festival, organized by Town Square, OSA along with Partnerships for Parks will recruit volunteers to work on a range of maintenance projects at North Brooklyn parks throughout the year.

The first of these projects takes place at the festival itself, where OSA volunteers will be cleaning up McCarren Park, encouraging volunteers to join the clean-up effort at any point during the day.

The initiative is part of the It’s My Park Program that encourages residents to take on a greater participatory role in maintaining their parks and playgrounds, as government funding for these projects continues to dwindle.

It’s the first time OSA is engaging volunteers on this scale, and is reflective of the actions neighbors have taken to fight for green space, such as the active campaign by North Brooklyn residents to force the city to acquire Bushwick Inlet Park.

“We are hoping this event will encourage passersby to learn more about Parks Stewardship and all of the various community groups and parks groups that are active in our area,” said Julia Ward, the Operations and Administration Manager for OSA. “We would love for volunteers to come out to help clean the park, and hopefully, sign up for future volunteer days with OSA and our partner organizations.”

Through the program, OSA will connect volunteers with various parks groups such as the McGolrick Park Neighborhood Alliance and Friends for Bushwick Inlet Park to take part in the type of parks-related volunteer work they desire.

In addition, OSA has partnered with the Greenpoint Chamber of Commerce’s Curb Your Litter Program. Volunteers will help clean up McCarren Park Pool on the day of the Go Green! Greenpoint Festival, and decide the placement of the new trashcans to be placed throughout the neighborhood as part of the clean up initiative.

To learn more about OSA Volunteer opportunities visit and to learn more about the Go Green! Greenpoint Festival on June 6, 2015 visit!go-green/c1etd.


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