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The Lord Calverts (from left) William X. Harvey, Rich Capitelli, Kevin Lydon, Askold Buk, Jed Becker


BY Frederic Foto

“This record must be played LOUD!”

Remember when albums came with this critical stipulation printed on the covers? Well, it still holds true today….especially for exciting new albums from great bands like the Lord Calverts!

For the past two years the Lord Calverts ( & have been relentlessly delivering their modern take on ’60s-inspired garage pop at clubs and dives in Manhattan and Brooklyn, generating a strong buzz for their incendiary power and undeniable passion. Now, with their brand-new CD “The Lord Calverts….NOW!” they have proven that they can not only rock the house live but also record great songs that faithfully capture both their wild energy and studio creativity.

So yeah, we were all in for a real treat on Tuesday, March 3rd, as the mighty, mighty LC’s rolled in to town for a major league super fun CD release party at Fontana’s Bar on the lower east side. Defying an ugly “wintry mix” of snow, sleet, freezing rain, slush and God only knows what else, fanatic fans came from far and wide (heck, even out of state!) to hear the band rock through an exhilarating set, grab their new hot CD “The Lord Calverts…NOW!” and party into the night. There was even rock royalty in the house, with members of Talking Heads and Modern Lovers showing up to check out the band. It’s parties like this that just make me want scream (or laugh) when people say “The New York music scene is dead.” Get off. So do the right thing; go out and get that album, kiddies!

The album is produced by guitarists/co-writers Askold Buk & Jed Becker, with stand-out tracks being the high-energy “I Can’t Afford You,” the gritty “9600 Reasons,” and the raver “(Gonna) Gonna Tear it Up.” Nice job on the production, Askold and Jed!

People argue all day long about what constitutes a “good” record. It’s simple. If it’s fun to listen to and you want to play it again and again, then…it’s a REAL GOOD record! Rock on, Lord Calverts!

(Available on & iTunes.)

The band:
Kevin Lydon: lead vocals, Askold Buk: guitars, mellotron & vocals, Jed Becker: guitars, harmonica & vocals and keyboards, William X. Harvey: bass, Rich Capitelli: drums

The Lord Calverts will be appearing at the Parkside Lounge Wednesday April 15 with special guests Pinups and The Anderson Council.

Frederic Foto is a New York City-based photographer specializing in performing musicians. His photos have been featured on musicians’ web sites and album covers as well as in newspapers and magazines.


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  • Jonah Falcon:

    What ARE you talking about? The music scene IS dead in NYC. I don’t know what your basis for comparison is, but compared to CBGB, Mother NYC, Roxy, etc, NYC is dead and buried.

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