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New Home for Bushwick Community Darkroom

BY Tanay Warerkar

After years of leading a nomadic existence, one of Brooklyn’s only darkrooms is about to make a long-awaited move into a larger, permanent space, just blocks from its current location.

Bushwick Community Darkroom (BCD), the go-to spot for analog printing services, has acquired a 2,400 square foot warehouse, enough space to double its amenities when it moves into 110 Troutman Street. Currently, BCD resides at Shops at the Loom on Flushing Avenue.

“We’ve been working towards this for so long,” said Lucia Rollow, the founder of BCD. “It’s so rewarding to see the hard work of a few committed people and a wonderful community finally paying off.”

Among its amenities, the new space will include a 10 station Black and White Darkroom, up from four stations at the current location; four single occupancy color darkrooms from the single one at the current location; a full service photography studio with a 400 square foot cyclorama, lockers for all members and a series of classes, workshops, lectures and movie nights.

Rollow opened BCD in 2011. It had been two years since she graduated the School of Visual Arts, she was unable to find a job and found it increasingly difficult to find a darkroom to develop her photography. A neighbor suggested she open one in the basement of the Bushwick building she was living in at the time. The landlord agreed, and soon enough she had raised $1,500 through a Kickstarter campaign for its launch.

BCD moved to Shops at the Loom in September 2012, and remained there, periodically changing store locations inside the market. BCD has been plagued with leaky ceilings, shoddily constructed walls, and unstable photography development counters – all of which signaled a need to move to a larger, independent space.

Rollow offered community members a sneak peek into the new space on Tuesday night, with the tentative date of its open set at April 1.

BCD still needs help with funding the new space and is running a fundraising campaign, which has already amassed close to $30,000 of its desired $50,000.

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