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North Brooklyn Baptist Church Celebrates One Year in Greenpoint

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In October, North Brooklyn Baptist Church celebrated one year in Greenpoint.

But it wasn’t smooth sailing, as the church’s first service a year ago was almost its last, recalled Pastor Mike Newburger, after a verbal agreement for a space on Eckford Street fell apart a week before that first service.

“We found ourselves seven days before the first service, without a place to meet, after inviting thousands of people to come out,” Newburger said. “God was showing us from day one that while our goals were noble, they were not a guarantee of an easy ride.”

The church did in fact meet on Eckford for the month of November 2013 and then suspended services for the winter while they sought a new home.

“That winter was difficult because we had a handful of people interested in a new church but nowhere to meet,” Newburger remembered. “We learned that while there are plenty of places to rent for a single Sunday, there was almost nowhere to meet weekly.”

In his quest for a space, Newburger left no stone unturned, including exploring the possibility of meeting in the conference room at the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

In early 2014, a lease was signed at 67 West Street. The new space guaranteed a place to meet each Sunday and also provided a ministry office for Newburger to provide Bible-based counseling to those in need.

“The population increase and the number of former church buildings being converted to condos present a clear case to begin another church to serve the spiritual needs of the neighborhood,” said Newburger, a father of three and Greenpoint resident. “Our intention is to keep our ministry focused on people.”

North Brooklyn Baptist Church is a mission work of the Open Door Bible Baptist Church in Astoria, which celebrated its 27th anniversary just a week earlier. Like its Greenpoint counterpart, the Astoria church was also started from scratch and serves as the model for the new Greenpoint work. Some of the first Astoria members were Greenpoint residents, which helped lead to the decision for the church to reproduce itself in Greenpoint.

North Brooklyn Baptist Church meets at 67 West Street #207 on Sundays at 10:00 AM. More information about the church can be found at Phone: 347-464-0678, e-mail:


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