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Sustainable Healthcare System Offering Herbal Remedies and Cold Pressed Juices

BY Tanay Warerkar

She calls it “ancient, modern pharmacy.”

Herbalist, Adriana Ayales, whose unique brand of healing is based on three generations of family tradition, has brought her practice to Greenpoint, opening Botica & Co., a one-of-a-kind apothecary and juice bar located on Manhattan Avenue in the space formerly occupied by wellness center Awakening’s health bar.

“For me this is really going back to the basics,” said Ayales. “This is like growing your own food. There is a purpose to it all. It’s not just for play.”

Ayales, who grew up on a farm in Costa Rica, has been involved in herbalism her entire life. While growing up, it was common to see neighbors rely on herbal remedies as a treatment for most ailments. Many of her friends’ grandmothers and aunts were practitioners in the field.

Ayales was introduced to herbal medicine by her grandmother, a psychic healer. And while her grandmother isn’t a practicing herbalist, Ayales learned a lot about its benefits from her grandmother’s teachings.

Ayala received formal training in her field, and prior to opening her own store, ran an online product line, Anima Mundi Apothecary, which she continues to sell in the store today, offering remedies for colds, hangovers, liver problems, and to improve the body’s immune system.

Botica & Co. also functions as a cold press juice bar, where the baristas are specially trained to address clients’ healing needs while preparing their drinks. “Brain Cocktail,” “Love Handles,” and “Daily Green Essentials,” are just some of the drinks available on their menu.

Ayala, who has lived in Greenpoint for the last year and a half, hopes to see this form of healing replicated more often throughout the world. She wants to open a series of pharmacies and possibly even her own herbal school.

“I see this as community supported healthcare,” she said. “Where communities are able to cultivate this knowledge and have their own local pharmacies – a sustainable healthcare system.”

Botica & Co, 607 Manhattan Avenue, for more information visit


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