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London Curry House Comes to Greenpoint

BY Tanay Warerkar

The spirits and aromas of a London curry house will be awakened at Achilles Heel, the popular Greenpoint bar, on Thursday night, as part of a collaborative dinner series recently started by the joint.

For Mr. Curry Night, Achilles Heel is partnering once again with the folks behind Saltie, the nautical themed sandwich shop located on Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg.

The project is the brainchild of Rebecca Collerton, one of the owners of Saltie, who grew up in London before moving to the States.

While Collerton isn’t exactly trying to replicate the London curry house atmosphere in Brooklyn, curry night serves as homage and is more a reflection of personal memories associated with the food and growing up there.

“We had really been interested in doing a curry based menu,” said Caroline Fidanza, the co-owner of Saltie along with Collerton, who helped craft the menu and the concept behind the dinner. “Rebecca has been in pursuit of the proper curry. You just don’t get the kind of curry here like you do in London, For Rebecca, it’s really more of a personal mission, about something she misses, and about experimenting for her own satisfaction.”

Achilles Heel is managed by the folks behind Marlow and Sons, and for both parties, events like curry night provides an exciting opportunity to collaborate with other culinary neighborhood establishments.

“From a bar’s perspective it’s a great event because we only have a limited food menu and food themed events opens up the space to a wider audience and allows us to connect with other businesses in the neighborhood,” said Shane Feirstein, the general manager at Achilles Heel.

Thursday night’s meal will include meatballs in curry sauce, shell bean dal with naan bread, peach and tomato salad with corn and curry vinaigrette, and Eton Mess – rose flavored meringues served with fruit and whipped cream.

Achilles Heel is looking forward to keeping the tradition going, with plans for a collaborative shrimp boil in September.

Mr. Curry, Achilles Heel, 180 West Street, August 28, 8-11 p.m., for more information visit


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