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Wrevel To Relauch With Exhaustive Partying Options

BY Tanay Warerkar

The Facebook of partying in New York City is back with a bang.

Wrevel – an online platform created last year to help people find parties and events in their neighborhoods, and to connect with similarly-inclined folks, is re-launching at the end of this month, with a comprehensive set of new options to enhance the user experience and increase connectivity.

Some of the new additions to the website will include parties and events broken down by themes such as icebreakers, concerts, festivals, lounges, bars, exploring the city, and love and romance – to name a few.

The new options seek to diversify the experiences available to users of the website and also allows for a wider audience range apart from the college-age patron that Wrevel was originally targeting when it launched last year.

In addition, the platform now allows users to create their own parties and events with the option of creating a ticketing mechanism for them as well – with all the proceeds going directly to the organizers –Wrevel makes its money from the sign up and usage fees that it asks of its customers.

Wrevel is also seeking to target business owners this time around. Creating accounts on the platform will allow local businesses like bars and party venues not only to advertise and promote their events but also give them information on their patrons – how frequently an individual visits or the type of events they tend to frequent – and could hence reward loyal customers, and encourage them to keep coming back.

“The main goal is to find parties and share your experiences,” said Ashukur Abir, a junior at Brooklyn College, and one of the co-founders of the platform. “It’s just like when you share your experiences on Facebook. First you start talking about, and then you get your friends talking about it and you get to learn so much more.”

And much like Facebook, the new version of Wrevel will also feature a newsfeed highlighting the events people are currently talking about or thinking of attending.

The platform is the brainchild of Sajid Zaman, who while studying at the College of Staten Island, and bored on a Friday night, realized that there needed to be a way for people to connect with each other online with the common goal of attending parties, events, or getting together for new experiences. Zaman approached his friend Abir, and they haven’t looked back since.

Today, working out of their Greenpoint offices, the platform employs about a dozen-odd employees. One of the main drawbacks of the old website, according to Abir, was that it didn’t allow for a comprehensive set of things to do outside of a non-work environment.

Now the platform is ready to present a plethora of options when the website finally launches on August 28.

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