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See You After Class at Greenpoint Y Afterschool

BY Heather Mayer Irvine

When the school bell rings, learning and socializing don’t have to end. And with the Y After School program, hundreds of children extend their school day, while reaping the benefits.

The Greenpoint Y offers three afterschool programs, emphasizing the importance of a safe place where young children can socialize, do their homework, seek extra help from teachers and stay active while their parents work.

“When children enter the Y After School program, a whole other world of imagination and growth opens up to them,” said Tatiana Terzuoli, Director of Communications and Fund Development. “In addition to supplementing what they’ve learned in school, they form long-lasting friendships that enhance their development, growth and self-confidence.”

For many children, especially in the city, there are risks associated with spending time alone after school without a structured program or adult supervision.

“At the end of the school day, a lot of kids have nowhere to go,” said Keith Hicks, Greenpoint Y Executive Director. “They may go home alone or get into trouble. The Y After School program allows parents to work with peace of mind knowing that their children are in a safe, nurturing environment.”

The Y After School program curriculum focuses on learning enhancement, health and recreation, and building competence and confidence in children.

The Greenpoint Y offers three programs with several pickup locations from local schools.

A Closer Look:

Y Afterschool at the Greenpoint Y (SACC) | Grades K-5
This program offers a variety of activities using the project-based learning model. Staff, which is trained in CPR and first aid, offers help with homework, and oversee projects in math, science, physical fitness, recreational activities, swimming and more. At the end of the session, students showcase their work, while sharpening their presentation skills.

Program location:
Greenpoint YMCA, 99 Meserole Avenue

Pickup locations:
Daily pickup from PS 31 and PS 34

September-June, Monday – Friday, 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Contact Angela Speakman, Youth & Family Director at 212-912-2267

Kids in Control (KIC) Y Afterschool Program at PS 84 | Grades K-5
This free program offers quality services that meet the needs of youth and families in the Williamsburg community, utilizing evidence-based practices and project-based learning. Its primary focus is the development of young children.

The staff provides positive, values-based activities, including performing arts, prevention services, healthy living activities, group work, creative writing, academic support, mentoring and recreational sports.

The KIC Y Afterschool program is funded by the New York State Office of Alcohol & Substance Abuse Services (OASAS). In order to participate, children must attend Jose De Diego Elementary School PS 84.

Program location:
PS 84 at 250 Berry Street

September – June, Monday – Friday, 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

This program is free, but enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Children must attend Jose De Diego Elementary School PS 84.

Contact Talibah Stigger, Y Afterschool Director or Nicole Kom, Y Afterschool Coordinator at (718) 384-8063 ×3210

COMPASS NYC (formerly Out of School Time/OST) Y Afterschool Program at McCarren Play Center | Grades K- 5
The COMPASS NYC program offers a free 10-week cycle of activities that introduce students to a variety of programming, including science, technology, engineering and math. The location, McCarren Park, is used as a resource to help teach children environmental science, gardening and sports education. In addition to these programs, COMPASS NYC offers trips, homework help and family programming throughout the year.

This program is funded by the Department of Youth and Community Development and partners with the NYC Department of Parks.

Program location:
McCarren Play Center at 776 Lorimer Street (between Driggs Avenue and Bayard Street)

Pickup locations:
Daily pickup from PS 31, PS 34, PS 110 and St. Stans Academy

Monday, September 8, 2014 – Thursday, June 25, 2014
Monday – Friday, 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Contact Lyndsey Crofoot, COMPASS NYC Director, at or (212) 912-2272.

SACC Holiday Camp | Grades K-5
When schools are closed, that doesn’t mean families have to go without supervised care for their children. The Greenpoint Y offers holiday camp, which offers arts and crafts, games and other activities.

Program location:
Greenpoint YMCA, 99 Meserole Avenue

Election Day: Nov. 14
Winter break: Dec. 29 – Jan. 2

Mid-winter break: Feb. 17 – 20
Spring break: April 6 –10
Chancellor’s Day: June 4

Family member fee: $13/ per day
Youth member fee: $27/ per day
Program member fee: $40/ per day

Contact Angela Speakman, Youth & Family Director at (212) 912-2267

*Holiday camp half days are offered to students enrolled in the Greenpoint Y SACC afterschool program for free. Advanced registration is required.

For more information on the Greenpoint Y programs, visit or


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