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Williamsburg Spelling Bee Contest Put To the Test

BY Rolyne Joseph

Adults can put their logography skills to the test and watch grown humans fidget and sweat as they try to spell words such as “triskaidekaphobia” on August 4th, at the Williamsburg Spelling Bee contest at Pete’s Candy Store on Lorimer Street.

“A lot of people who come out to the bee, want to relive their childhood spelling triumphs, or perhaps right wrong spellings,” Jennifer Dziura, co-host of the Williamsburg Spelling Bee, said.

Words range from Cnemial – related to the shinbone to poetomachia, a poetry battle, which along with kakistocracy – rule by evil men, are among Dziura’s favorites from the Bee.

The event takes place on the the first Monday of every month.

“We have plenty of friends and dates on hand to watch,” Dziura said.

Dziura, along with founder Bobby Blue have been running the event for the past 10 years now.

The event allows about 14 to 18 people to compete. Contestants show up at the bar around 7 p.m. to sign in.

“It’s a three-strikes-you’re-out Bee, so you can miss two words and still be able to play,” said Dziura. “Those who spell the most words correctly over the entire three rounds of the Bee are our winners.”

Winners who finish in the top three win prizes.

“They usually win books or gift certificates donated to us by local businesses and qualify for our annual Finals, held every December,” Dziura said.

Pete’s Candy Store, 709 Lorimer St., Brooklyn, (Lorimer St. between Frost and Richardson / L or G train to Lorimer),7:30pm, Free admission.


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