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Iridology Eyes a Spot in Greenpoint

BY Tanay Warerkar

A popular Greenpoint wellness center, Awakening NY, is further diversifying its services by adding iridology treatments to its field of alternative medicine.

Iridology analyzes the iris to determine which parts of the body are experiencing pain and discomfort, or show potential signs of weakness.

Practitioners of the alternative medicine believe that the science reveals the location of inflammations in the body, strong and weak points and how they are manifested whether through aches or niggling pain.

Practitioners in turn prescribe a detoxification and cleansing routine coupled with a healthy diet that tends to avoid the consumption of meat. Iridology is able to isolate areas that need healing and prescribe diets that specifically target the recovery of that body part or organ.

At Awakening NY, iridology treatments are overseen by Kazimierz Wadolowski. He was trained by some of the pioneers of the method, including Bernard Jensen.

“The history of studying the iris is over 5,000 years old,” said Wadolowski. “Iridology is commonly practiced in Europe. It just hasn’t yet caught on in the United States.”

When the Gazette paid the center a visit, Wadolowski was accurately able to diagnose pain in this reporter’s knee due to a prior motorcycle incident and the inflammation of this reporter’s lungs due to a prior smoking habit simply by examining images of the iris.

Wadolowski had earlier captured close up images of the eye, and then used an iridology chart to make the diagnosis.

The diagnosis of pain in the neck and back however were not as accurate, but Wadolowski insisted that those areas had been identified as potential warning signs.

Iridology for the most part has been entirely dismissed by the medical profession. In response to the charge Wadolowski went through the cases of a series of patients who experienced the positive benefits of the treatment.

But he further laid an emphasis on the fact that the practice wasn’t asking practitioners to abandon doctors. In fact, he said, he always asked patients to seek second opinions from traditional doctors if they so desired.

“This practice is really about eating better, living better, and bringing harmony within your body,” he said.

Awakening NY, 607 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222, PH: 718-349-1380, for more information visit


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