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Tanay Warerkar

A Skateboard Shop Rolls into Greenpoint

BY Tanay Warerkar

With the summer hitting full swing and the skate park at Havemeyer Park open to the public, a small store quietly rolled into action three weeks ago on Nassau Avenue.

Grindpoint is a skateboard and skating goods store looking to make bank with the brightening weather and the population of skaters in the neighborhood.

Orange, red, yellow, and other bright colored skateboards line the windows of the shop.

T-shirts, caps, and other sporting merchandise hang on the walls in the otherwise minimalist, bare-bones shop, which focuses squarely on its products.

The owner, Simon Gabrys, is a lifelong Greenpoint resident, and he started his business more as a means to supplement his career working as a doorman in the City. He is hoping his new professional foray will lead to greater success.

“I was really looking forward to opening my own business, and I wanted it to be something different,” said Gabrys. “I realized that there weren’t very many skateboard shops in the neighborhood if at all and it seems like the place where there would be a high demand for it.”

Gabrys says sales have been improving steadily since his opening three weeks, and was surprised to find the range of customers he receives at the store: Everyone from a 3-year-old to a 45-year-old have walked away with a skateboard from his shop since the time that he has been open.

At present, Gabrys is running a tight ship at his store. Apart from him, there is one employee and a friend who helps out part time at the store. Skateboards range from $50 to $250 at the store, and cater to a diverse group of residents in the neighborhood.

Gabrys is optimistic about the future.

“I’m just really looking to be happy, to make some money, and be successful,” he said.


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