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Metal Fantasy Camp Hoping for a Kickstart to Improve Facilities

BY Tanay Warerkar

In the age of iPads, one-press button solutions, and Youtube video quick fixes, one organization is encouraging a more hands on approach.

Metal Shop Fantasy Camp, which first opened its doors in January, is offering how-to welding lessons to build objects out of metal from scratch.

And having recently moved to a 3,200 square-foot space on Bogart Street, Fantasy Camp has now launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to buy more equipment, create more classes, and to create a superior working environment.

“The main focus of our campaign is just to make this a better experience for everyone taking the classes,” said Scott Behr, the founder of Metal Shop Fantasy Camp, who also owns and runs a custom metalwork company, Total Metal Resources, Inc. “This allows me to focus on the education aspect of metal work.”

Behr was prompted to open a school that catered to learning and perfecting that skill after a number of TMR customers began asking for lessons in working with metal.

Currently one of the main classes offered at Fantasy Camp is learning to make a cube. Students use a steel tube to create a 6”x6”x6” metal cube. Through the process participants get to work on skills like “measuring, cutting, fitting, clamping, jig making, mig welding, grinding, sanding, filing and fine finishing,” among others.

Classes are offered twice a week, and each cube-making workshop lasts 4 hours. Behr, who has over 20 years in metalwork experience, said over 50 people have already participated in the workshops since they launched in January.

The Kickstarter campaign is looking to bring even more people in. Just some of the things the $75,000 pledge amount will go toward improving ventilation and lighting, upgraded electricity for running heavy machinery, industrial tools, fabrication tables, welding helmets, safety clothing and gloves.

So far Fantasy Camp has managed to raise close to $4,000 and has about five days remaining before the campaign runs out.

Moving forward Behr wants to create a fully operation center with numerous classes, and wants to make Fantasy Camp his full-time commitment. He is even thinking about expanding to another metropolitan city.

Want to learn how to work with metal? Make a sleek cube while you’re at it? check out Metal Shop Fantasy Camp and support their Kickstarter campaign at


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