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Hosh Yoga Marks Five Years in Greenpoint

BY Tanay Warerkar

One of the neighborhood’s favorite yoga haunts is celebrating five years of service in North Brooklyn, this year.

Hosh Yoga, located on Nassau Avenue, is marking its anniversary with “Solstice in the Park,” an outdoor yoga and awareness workshop to be held at McCarren Park later this month.

The outdoor event is geared toward those most in need of Hosh’s rejuvenating and healing services: The session kicks off with yoga for cancer patients in the morning, followed by yoga for senior citizens in the afternoon, a community-wide picnic, followed finally by a yoga session for neighborhood kids.

“I never would have thought that a few yoga classes in McCarren Park would have blossomed into a thriving neighborhood yoga studio, programs around the city for kids and seniors and an incredible community of teachers, volunteers and staff,” said Yuki Hirano, the Executive Director and co-founder of Hosh. “It’s an amazing feeling to see students talking to each other and developing friendships, thanks to the availability of the space.”

Hosh was set up in 2009 and offered numerous classes to the public at McCarren Park, and in just over a year it was able to acquire its own studio due to the high demand and support of local residents.

Hosh is the creation of Hamid Elsevar Hamidzadeh, Ty Moses, Yuuki Hirano and Becca Broughton all long-term proponents and teachers of yoga.

Starting from a small group in the park, it now operates over 20 programs in North Brooklyn – most of them in local schools offering afterschool yoga enrichment programs for kids.

That in large part is due to the work of Henry Cross, a trained ballroom dancer, who began working as an instructor at Hosh in 2011 and is currently the program manager at the studio and the Executive Director of Hosh Kids.

“There is already so much pressure on the parents from schools, ‘did the kids eat properly?, how are their test scores?’” said Cross. “Yoga is trying to alleviate that stress. It’s teaching life skills to enable those students to take those tests. It’s a tool that can make things easier.”

For the most part though the people behind Hosh Yoga say they want to democratize the practice – make it accessible to all regardless of their income and skills level – hence the push to reach out to even more kids to create a healthy living practice at a grassroots level as well as the fact that Hosh is almost entirely donation-based and a membership starts for as low as $39 a month.

Hosh is Turkish for “auspicious,” “heartwarming,” and “redolent,” and in Sanskrit it means “awareness.” And those are exactly the life skills the studio is hoping to arm its practitioners with.

Solstice in the Park, June 21, McCarren Park Lawn on Bedford Avenue and Lorimer Street, events start at 10:00 a.m., suggested donation $15, for more information on Hosh Yoga visit


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