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Doggy Self Style Comes to Driggs Avenue

BY Tanay Warerkar

North Brooklyn is often synonymous with do-it-yourself ventures, but it’s not just humans taking matters into their own hands – canines are taking a bite into that DIY-atmosphere too.

Driggs Avenue is now home to the Barn for Furry Friends (BFF) – a self-service pet wash created by Greenpoint resident Ania Rogalska, along with her seven-and-a-half-year-old Dalmatian, Ella.

Although it’s been operating for several weeks, BFF is having its grand opening on June 27 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, and catering by Greenpoint Cheese + Meat followed by a two-day fundraiser for Badass Brooklyn – a non-profit animal rescue organization, on June 28, and 29.

Rogalska is looking to get further reacquainted with a neighborhood she called home for several years before moving away for school.

“The response so far has been amazing,” said Rogalska about the few weeks since the pet wash unofficially opened its doors on May 15. “Business is a little slow because we are not on a busy street, but people who have come in have loved it. Bathing your dog can be an anxiety inducing activity for them, and having the owner present really helps alleviate that anxiety.”

Rogalska spent a number of her childhood years in Greenpoint but moved to Colorado for school where she studied Cognitive Psychology. While in Colorado, Rogalska realized that her dog Ella was afraid of groomers and hence became aware of self-service pet washes.

When she moved back to Brooklyn it seemed only natural to recreate the same comfortable atmosphere she experienced with Ella in Colorado in Greenpoint as well.

The new facility is geared towards dogs of all sizes with high tubs for larger sized dogs. A basic wash costs $15 but comes with brushes to clean your pet before and after the wash, and a range of organic shampoos and conditioners to choose from. What’s more there are even specially designed blow dryers for pooches that need an extra wipe down without the worry of dandruff or drying out their skin.

Memberships start from $90 for a 3-month wash period and go up to $1,000 for a lifetime membership.

Rogalska says she has already had a 70 percent return ratio since she started, and is looking forward to her business expanding in the coming months.

“A lot has changed since I left and it’s been great getting to meet all the puppies and folks in the neighborhood,” said Rogalska. “I want this to be a business that’s not just thriving but is a part of the community as well.”

Next up Rogalska: expanding the retail side of her business, oral hygiene for pets, and different kinds of treats.

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