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Third Annual I Love My Park Day to be Celebrated Saturday

BY Tanay Warerkar

Saturday marks the third annual I Love My Park Day. Organized by Friends of East River State Park, the event will bring the community together for an afternoon of making improvements at the Kent Avenue park.

The projects the group will be working on for this year’s event include the creation of a rose garden with Double Knockout roses.

In addition, about 60 volunteers participating in Saturday’s event will be mulching and planting numerous plants in different areas in the park – in addition to mulching the beds of the already existing trees.

But perhaps what’s most memorable and unique to the event this year is the planting of vines along the fence that separates the park Biba, the restaurant on Kent Avenue.

The wall of vines is being created in honor of Hannah Shaw, an employee of Jungle, the Kent Avenue shop that does residential and commercial designs for gardens and has been an active participant in the upkeep of the Park. Shaw, who worked as a manager at Jungle, passed away last year, and the wall of plants that the group will create on Saturday has been nicknamed “Hannah’s Wall,” by her friends and family members.

The vines will take over two years to mature, but will have flowers growing on them by next spring.

The organization has coordinated with Colossal Media, a hand paint mural and outdoor advertising company to paint a hop scotch area for kids in addition to painting chess pieces, which the group also painted at last year’s celebration.

Friends of East River State Park is continually dependent on the efforts and contributions of community members and is encouraging those interested and engaged in the park’s future to contribute to their cause.

“We’ve certainly done a lot over the years – bringing back water fountains, getting more open space, and grass area,” said Jackie Meyer, the chair for the event at Friends of East River State Park. “But there’s always more to do. I would love to bring back trains on the tracks here. But the important thing is that we were able to talk about our needs as a group.”

Meyer is also looking for more volunteers to sign up to help with the upkeep of the Park at Saturday’s event.

I Love My Park Day, East River State Park, 90 Kent Avenue, May 3, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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