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3,000-Year-Old Healing Crystal Skulls at Maha Rose Fair Sunday

BY Tanay Warerkar

Green Street’s Maha Rose will introduce Greenpoint residents to an age-old form of recovery and rejuvenation – healing through the use of crystals.

On Sunday, the healing and acupuncture center is organizing an open house and fair, primarily dedicated to learning and experiencing the practice of crystal healing.

Perhaps the biggest draw to the event will be the presence of two 3,000-year old skulls named Kano and Huanita, brought in by their owner Mario Bojorquez, who will give a presentation on the history and power associated with the relics.

Crystal healers believe that crystals and precious stones recovered from the earth possess different energies that can prove beneficial to people who come in contact with them – whether it is remembering and acknowledging forgotten memories or counteracting the effects of stressful city-based lives.

Maha Rose’s founder, Lisa Levine, recently had a chance to partake in the practice, and it’s what motivated her to offer it to others in the community.

“I had a very profound experience with these objects,” said Levine. “People will have an opportunity to sit and meditate with them. Crystals in many ways have their own personalities. But this is also about interacting with nature. We don’t get a lot of that in the city. This is a way for nature to come to us.”

Bojorquez’s presentation on the skulls will be facilitated by Kristen Boyer, a Shamanic practitioner, who will enable attendees to experience the healing powers associated with the crystals.

Bojorquez said that the vibrations that crystals emanate can help individuals overcome stress and ailments when they come in contact with the objects. He added that contact with the crystals can enable you to reach a higher state of consciousness and awareness.

In addition to crystal healing, Sunday’s event will also feature a series of 30-minute sessions for $30 in acupuncture, Reiki, Tarot Card Readings, and astrology among others. The day long festivities will also feature live music.

Maha Rose Crystal Fair and Open House, 97 Green Street #G3, Sunday May 4, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., for information visit


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