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Tanay Warerkar
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Start-up Enables Anyone to Rent Anything

BY Tanay Warerkar

A Greenpoint-based tech startup is looking to make an entrepreneur out of people all over the world.

Rentah, an online peer-to-peer platform that officially launched on Thursday, will allow users to rent and provide all kinds of items and services – whether you want to loan your food processor to a neighbor for few hours each week or whether you want to put your Spanish skills to the test by offering lessons – Rentah can enable all such activities.

“We’ve created an online platform where anybody can rent from their neighbors, peers, and fellow human beings,” said Anup Desai, the creator and CEO of Rentah, the offices of which are located on West Street, in a Youtube video for the platform. “It’s in the American spirit to be an entrepreneur. We have to make our own way in this world but we don’t have to do it alone.”

Rentah is inspired from a similar Dutch service,, which in the year and a half since its inception already represents 700 businesses, 500 freelancers, and 2.7 million rental items in their inventory. The Dutch company is also one of Rentah’s partners. Desai was inspired to create the company after bumping into the CEO of the Dutch service, Kaspar Honore, at a music festival in Denmark last year.

Once Rentah is up and running, the website will be a resource for thousands of goods, a means to access services like tutors, musicians and deejays, and to find out listings for local gyms and fitness studios to name a few.

What’s more, Rentah lets you list your services on the platform free of charge unlike similar online platforms like eBay and Amazon, where customers have to pay to use the services.

Additionally Rentah charges a 5 percent commission on items and services that are rented out unlike eBay and Amazon which charge 10 percent and 6-15 percent respectively.

In fact, this type of a shared-economy model is expected to create over $3.5 billion in revenues this year, according to Forbes.

“We want to reconnect people to their neighborhoods and objects,” said Desai. “We want to restore the power of all our collective resources. We want to make a home for the new sustainable lifestyle.”

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