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Police Blotter: 94th Precinct

BY Anton K. Nilsson

Attacked by Bicyclist

A 24-year-old woman walking along Skillman Avenue was attacked by a man riding on a bicycle.

On April 12th, around 5:30 p.m. the victim said she was approached by an unknown man from behind who began beating her on the head.

He then grabbed her phone and fled on his bicycle toward Humboldt Street

Police are continuing to investigate the matter.

Cab Driver Harassed at Gun Point

A 29-year-old cab driver was harassed at gunpoint by one of his passengers last week.

The victim told authorities that he picked up the passenger at the intersection of North 12th and Driggs Avenue on April 12th at about 4 a.m.

The passenger asked to be driven to Myrtle Avenue near Broadway, but as the car approached North 9th Street, the passenger pulled out a gun and pressed it up against the driver’s neck.

The passenger demanded the cab driver give him everything he had.

Instead the driver bolted out the cab and started running along North 9th Street toward Roebling Street.

The passenger gave pursuit, but was unable to catch up.

The cab driver was unharmed and police are continuing to investigate the matter.

Threatened with Brass Knuckles

A man wielding brass knuckles threatened a 26-year-old man walking along Norman Avenue.

On April 12th, at about 4 a.m., the victim was walking when he was approached by a man wearing black brass knuckles on his right hand.

“Hey man, give me everything,” the perp told the victim. “Give me $100.”

The perp tugged on the victim’s jacket sleeve, but was unsuccessful in getting it off.

The victim dashed toward a nearby bodega on Manhattan Avenue to seek protection, which caused the perp to flee the scene.

Attacked with Hot Coffee

A bodega worker was doused with hot coffee by what appears to be a disgruntled customer.

The Kingsland Avenue bodega worker told authorities that he got into a verbal argument with one of his customers on April 9th at about 11:30 a.m.

The enraged customer then flung a cup of hot coffee on to the victim’s face and left the scene.

The victim told police that he was experiencing pain, but not serious enough to be admitted to the hospital.

Police were unable to determine visible injuries or burn marks to the victim’s face.

Phone Snatcher

A 27-year old woman was robbed of her cell phone while she was walking along Skillman Avenue last week.

On April 12th at about 9:20 in the evening, the victim said she was approached by an unknown man wearing a black hoodie, riding a black bicycle, who rode towards her from the front.

He snatched her phone from her left hand and fled on his bike toward the Cooper Houses.

Police are continuing to investigate the matter.


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