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L-R Aaron Lefkove and Andy Curtin

Gowanus-based Littleneck to Open Greenpoint Outpost

BY Danika Fears

Clam connoisseurs, rejoice: All-day ‘Littleneck Outpost’ will soon serve up seafood in Greenpoint. An outpost of the Gowanus-based Littleneck is opening up in Greenpoint – just in time for the long-awaited spring.

Musicians Andy Curtin and Aaron Lefkove opened their Kickstarter-funded restaurant Littleneck three years ago. Business is going so well that the duo decided to open up an all-day “Littleneck Outpost” at 128 Franklin Street that will offer coffee, sandwiches, a raw bar and assorted groceries to take home when it opens in early May.

“We’re really excited,” co-owner Lefkove, who calls Greenpoint home, told the Gazette. “We both live close by and are friendly with the other restaurant owners in the neighborhood. There are a lot of local characters, and we’re really happy to be a part of that.”

Curtin and Lefkove had been hoping to expand, for a while, when they came across the Greenpoint space, which had been vacant for 35 years. The leasing process took several months, but they had a “gut intuition” that it would all work out.

“When you find the right space, right people and right neighborhood, that’s when you know to go forward,” Lefkove said.

While the original Littleneck is a sit-down evening restaurant, the outpost will be a more casual affair, though some of the original restaurant’s popular dishes like lobster and clam rolls will be available at the café. They’d also like to experiment with some of their existing dishes.

Lefkove believes that an all-day seafood restaurant will be a welcome addition to the community – and something the neighborhood doesn’t have enough of yet.

“We wanted to add something to the community,” he explained. “We don’t want to be just another place that opens up on Franklin Street. There are very few all-day places you can stop into.”

The restaurant’s construction should be complete within the next few weeks — a little behind their initial goal thanks to the ‘usual’ unexpected constructions obstacles that delayed the process. But after opening two restaurants, Lefkove is well acquainted with the last-minute challenges of remodeling a space in an old building.

“It wouldn’t feel right if there wasn’t some massive unforeseen obstacle,” he joked.

Lefkove and Curtin have been in the restaurant business for several years now, but they first crossed paths 15 years ago as musicians. At one point, they discussed the dearth of Brooklyn seafood restaurants serving clams during a barbecue in Curtin’s backyard. What was just talk at first, became more serious as they kept refining their idea.

“The best ideas come in your mind as a lark, and then you follow through on it,” Lefkove said.


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